Adoptees are not adoption. Adoption is not a reality show.

I consider these numerous news stories to be adoption porn, especially since this finalization took place on Kent County, Michigan’s  Gotcha Day, December 4. Or rather Sealed Records Day. Or Adoptee Erasure Day. Or Child Scoop Day.. Or Adoptee SaIvior Day (race and religion optional but white and  Christian preferred).  Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving and NAAM from Catholic Charities

Here ‘s the Happy NAAM greeting: a paper doll family held in the hands of a white child whom I assume is an adoptee holding the family together Personally I don’t think any child should tasked with that kind of responsibility. Unfortunately, in AdoptionLand I’ve met plenty of adoptees who were. What if she goes bad and sets the family on fire? Continue Reading →

My New Town, Moody, Texas: 91 year old adoptee finds birth family

Phil Ratliff is an LD,A. He learned by accident, at the age of 21, on what he calls a “bad day,” that he is adopted. He then buried it to avoid hurting his adoptive parents.  When he finally confronted them, 20 years later, they apparently refused to discuss the adoption, Continue Reading →

Reommended Reading: Daniel Drennan ElWar’s 30 Answers to 30 Questions.

Daniel totally nails our condition. He links it/us to other marginalized groups and addresses adoption in relation to colonization, neo-imperialism consumerism, white supremacy, privilege, class, economics, misogyny, and our relationship to the state. , The intersections that adoption industrialists and many adopters find inconvenient, threatening, and certainly don’t have anything to with their “forever family” functionality: Continue Reading →

Prince Edward Island: New bill contains vetoes and criminalizes contact

If you think your state or province is bad, try this on for size.  The bill contains the following provisions:

*disclosure veto
*criminally enforceable contact veto with a threat of a $5,000 fine and 1-year jail term
*prohibits adoptees from “publishing any identifying information about the person who provided the content preference.” Continue Reading →

Today’s Dumbest Adoption-Abortion Tweets

It’s not like there’s isn’t a huge bank of stupid Tweets to choose from. Most of them can be summarized as (1) adoption not abortion  (no details) and (2) would you rather have been aborted?  If you answer “Yes”  you will be judged insane, depraved, selfish. ungrateful, in need help, an object of pity, or you should just go off yourself. Continue Reading →

Bastardette’s Top 13 Adoption Songs for NAAM2019

A couple of times a year people post their Top 10 Favorite Songs. I always check them out, but find most of them pretty weepy and womb-crawling.–like a  safe space playlist for your office..So, for the last few days I’ve been checking out my own playlists to come up with adoption-related: pieces. Continue Reading →

Bastard Nation Statement: Cuomo Signs Historic Adoptee Rights Bill. Leaves No One Behind!

Bastard Nation, the Adoptee Rights Organization is delighted that New York governor Andrew Cuomo today signed S3419. This historic bill restores the right, of Original Birth Certificate (OBC) access to all the state’s adoptees without restriction or condition– a right once held by all New York adoptees. It passed both Houses in June, and although we were confident that Gov. Cuomo would sign the bill, it was a long, nail-biting wait. Continue Reading →