Bastardette’s Top 13 Adoption Songs for NAAM2019

OK I will be a bit bougie tonight.

A couple of times a year people post their Top 10 Favorite Songs. I always check them out, but find most of them pretty weepy and womb-crawling.–like a  safe space playlist for your office..So, for the last few days I’ve been checking out my own playlists to come up with adoption-related: pieces.

Now,, some of these are obviously about adoption. Some are about adoption in my own context that would be impossible to explain. Horses, for instance, is about dropping purple microdot and going crazy over being adopted when I was younger. Some just remind me of adoption–like BYOB. The Boxer represents my feelings towards the adoptee rights movement..

I had some more, the titles I couldn’t find –by Ice-T and White Buffalo– but this should so.

No particular order.

Policy of Truth – Depeche Mode


Hurt – 10 Inch Nails (Johnny Cash’s version is excellent, too).


She’s Leaving Home – The Beatles


The Unforgiven — Metallica

The Lost Boy – Greg Holden

Hotel California

The  Foundling –  Mary Gauthier


The Kids – Lou Reed

B –

BYOB – System of a Down


God’s Gonna Cut You Down – Johnny Cash

Horses – Patti Smith


Alexander Hamilton- Lin-Manuel Miranda


The Boxer – Simon and Garfunkel






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