NAM/NAAM Day 24. Kristan Hawkins’ Turkey: Leonard Leo Take Note!

Instead, I will just post an exceedingly stupid Tweet from SFL president Kristan Hawkins, that suggests, for the 27,000th time that she might be prone to drunk posting. Continue Reading →

NAM/NAAM Day 7: I’m Trying Not to Gloat, But….

here is nothing worse than a sore winner. I’ve seen enough unpleasant people and organizations over the years gloat when they win. I thought I could avoid gloating tonight, but I can’t. As someone who has spent the majority of her life in Ohio, I am tripping tonight with the win of Issue 1 which enshrines abortion rights in the state constitution.  With 95% of the vote counted, it passed 56.6% to 43.4% Continue Reading →

Students for Life America Has Plans for Adoption and It Doesn’t Include Adoptees

There is no mention of adoptee civil rights. Did you see a word about original birth certificates, adoption records and files, search and reunion, medical histories, the re-homing epidemic, adoptee abuse and murder, adoptee mental health issues, family policing, societal dysfunction vis a vis adoption, the foster-to-prison pipeline, racism, classicism, sex and genderism in adoption policy and practice, corruption, graft, neo-colonialism? The over-arching control of evangelicals-with-agendas in the adoption industry? Did SFLA even ask adoptees how they feel about their adoption demands? Continue Reading →

Good Reading Series: Adoption, Family Separation & Preservation, and Reproductive Justice

When Roe v Wade falls, the entire adoptee rights movement will be fucked…In the meantime…This week the Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics at Harvard Law School issued a collection of kick-ass blogs on its Bill of Health site regarding adoptees, adoption, abortion, and Safe Haven laws, and the expected demise of Roe by SCOTUS.  Continue Reading →

LOL! Radiance Foundation Blasts Bethany Christian Services for “Wokeness:” Anti-Racist, Unchristian

Bomberger & Co has a problem with anything that reeks of racial and gender equality, economic equity, bodily autonomy, and movements to establish or restore rights, that even he himself, a bi-racial adoptee, fails to qualify for under the gaze of white supremacy. Apparently, it’s enough that We-the-Fetus has been saved, and the only right we deserve after that, is the right to be adopted. I’m not sure how someone who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about adoptee rights, can ethically promote adoption. I could have missed something, but I’ve never heard a peep about erased identities, sealed records, adoption trauma, or any other garbage that is lobbed at adopted people.  Continue Reading →

Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn–A Very Brief Anecdote and a Briefer Suggestion about Adoption

I am trying to write a summary of some of my NAM work here but slogging through dense legal jibber- jabberesque that, at the moment, is impossible to climb through. Of course, laws are written in this obscure language to keep normal people from grasping what the federal, state, and local lawmaking hooligans are up to Continue Reading →

Arkansas: Bill mandates abortion seekers to call state-run hotline before procedure to discuss alternatives. You know what that means

The Arkansas Legislature just passed a bill–HB 1195 The Every Mom Matters Act–to mandate that women seeking an abortion first call a tax-payer funded hotline to discuss alternatives to abortion with state-appointed  “care agents”. affiliated with “pro-life” agencies.  Well, you know what that will include: adoption, safe havens, and safe haven baby boxes. (1 box is already in the state and a  few more set to go in shortly). Continue Reading →

Covid Chaos: New Jersey DCFS Urges Women to Safe Haven Their Babies

It’s been interesting, if not predictable, to watch the mission of Safe Haven laws shift from saving newborns from the occasional psychotic, dissociative, drug-addled, in-denial, or scared parent who they believe would otherwise, discard or murder their newborn without the option of  Safe Haven anonymous abandonment (even if as it turns out those are the parents who don’t use the option*) into a solution for temporary Covid hardship and displacement. Continue Reading →

The Names They Call Us: Going from God’s Gift to Satan’s Spawn in One Easy Step

Since I wrote about Lizzie I’ve collected words and their modifiers and a few short phrases, and “advice” utilized by these adoption promoting adopteephobes to describe those of us who don’t follow their company line whether we address rights, trauma, or dysfunction. This’ll keep ’em in line!  Some are from Twitter; others from other social media, legislative debates, and my personal experience. I bet you can add more! Continue Reading →