Today’s Dumbest Adoption-Abortion Tweets

OD’d on The Hearings today. Doesn’t everyone have a Donald Trump in their lives? Husband? Boss? Father? Yourself?

Now comes The Debate. The only reason I am watching tonight is there’s supposedly, “they say” some chance abortion will be a topic. (And, in a pinch, adoption–its polar opposite according to Social Meddlers.) Of course, two of my three favorites won’t be speaking tonight:  Vermin Supreme,  (The Adoptees’ Candidate), and Julin Castro. Andrew Yang isn’t going to make it.

So I am crawling into bed with a cup of Sleepytime Tea and force myself to care.

That said, I still need to write something for today’s NAAM2019 . Since I wasted my opportunity to write a long thoughtful piece today,   I need to do a rush unthoughtful job tonight.  Hence, my title: Today’s  Dumbest Adoption-Abortion Tweets.

It’s not like there’s isn’t a huge bank of stupid Tweets to choose from. Most of them can be summarized as (1) adoption not abortion  (no details) and (2) would you rather have been aborted?  If you answer “Yes”  you will be judged insane, depraved, selfish. ungrateful, in need help, an object of pity, or you should just go off yourself.

So, we have to go beyond these key thoughts and go for something truly quirky. I opted tor these two;

 1.  Adoption, fostercare  (and abortion among other modern perversions) are alternative lifestyles and anti-God. 

YeetAcct@bonsai_baby82:  The concept of adoption, abortion, in-vitro fertilization and foster care have given “alternative” lifestyles the idea that families can be made and destroyed at will. Naturally made families are a gift from GOD. Once you sell HIM out, you lose all your blessings. #ChikFil




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