I Hate Legislation

I have never made it a secret that I hate legislation. I loathe it. I love politics, but legislation can go to the dogs. I’m not very good at it either. Too many tricks of the trade, I’ve never “gotten.” I wish there were a board of experts I could leave it to, and do my own thing via the movement. Continue Reading →

URGENT! Contact Your Senator Today! Pass the Adoptee Citizenship Act Now!

US international adoptees once more need our help in passing The Adoptee Citizenship Act of 2021. It MUST pass this year. The Bill passed the House in February and has been sitting in the Senate since then. With the midterm election and the impending retirement of sponsor Sen. Roy Blount (R-MO), it is imperative to act now. Continue Reading →

Happy Day in Massachusetts: Black Hole is Gone! OBCs Unsealed for All!

Today, HB 2284/S1146 the bill that restores the right of all Massachusetts-born adoptees to obtain their Original Birth Certificates without the restriction, goes into effect. Until today Massachusetts adoptees born between July 17, 1974, and January 1, 2008, were tossed in a black hole by a series of archaic laws that kept their records sealed except by court order. Those born before and after those dates enjoyed full and unrestricted access to them.No reasonable explanation was ever given for this nonsense… Continue Reading →

My Personal Letter to CT. Governor Ned Lamont: Please sign HB 6105

I am pretty sure that none of them would be happy that the Connecticut they founded and codified in the Fundamental Order of 1639 currently denies some of its citizens the right to their own public records, their histories, and identities. Continue Reading →

The Arizona Surprise. HB 2070 Vetoed

Although an identical bill sailed through the Arizona House in 2020, this time it was amended down quickly with the consent and support of the fake adoptee advocacy group, Heritage Arizona (aka HA! ) and the sponsor Rep. Bret Roberts to cover only those born in 2022 and beyond; thus, leaving the majority of Arizona-born adoptees behind. In practical terms, the HB 2070 law could not have been utilized by Arizona adoptees until 2040! Continue Reading →

Bastardette’s speech at the Rally for Adoption Equality, Texas Statehouse, May 21, 2021

We are here today to support SB1877/HB1386. The House version passed with only 1 dissenting vote. We need to get the Senate to unstick the bill, currently stuck in the Jurisprudence Committee, and get on to the floor for a vote. We have the votes there that will free nearly 1 million original birth certificates to the adopted people they belong to when it goes up for a vote. Continue Reading →

Maryland: SB 331 Defeat: Adoptee Rights is “A Bad Idea”

Once it hit the Senate floor, however, adoption imperialist warlords and ladies pushed their panic buttons. They were so aggrieved at us lifting our collective leg on them that they attempted to erase us from our own narratives and records (and thus their own minds) by hacking away with that old rusty saw of “birthmother privacy” and (gasp!) “broken government promises.” As if the government has never broken a real promise or spouted a fake one!

This, Fellow Bastards, is some of the worst dehumanizing and outlandish misinformation about adoption and Class Bastard that I’ve heard in years. Did Bill Pierce, the late founding president of the National Council for Adoption, rise from the dead and channel himself through Senator Michael Hough (R ) and his gang of merry bigoted bipartisan busybodies?  Continue Reading →

Not with a Bang! Not with a Whimper! Arizona HB 2070 Gets Ripped While “Activists” Go Quiet

it was amended down. A lot. Instead of unrestricted unsealing, the Committee decided to keep records closed for those born between 1968-2021. That’s well over half of Arizona adoptees who will (if the bill passes) remain sealed and secret, An amendment was also offered but rejected to add a Disclosure Veto. Oh, and another politician is worried about protecting the “DNA rights “ of birthparents.  What’s he want to do? Ban adoptees from owning Ancestry accounts? Perhaps he was channeling Bill Pierce who long ago declared that it should be illegal for adoptees to use phone books to look for first parents. This is the kind of nonsense Class Bastard is subjected to daily by legos and lawmakers. Continue Reading →

Bastard Nation Submitted Comments on proposed draft language of The Unregulated Transfers of Adopted Children Act – December 4-5, 2020 discussion

I cannot stress this enough: “sending” and “receiving” parties involved in unregulated rehoming unlike those who have no intention to sever their parental rights but find themselves in need of temporary custody arrangements, do not follow a “child’s-best-interest standard. Neither “sender” nor ”receiver” are well-intentioned. Please stop acting like they are. Adoptive parents who rehome their “forever children” without regard to ethics or law no longer want the parental responsibility they signed up for and were approved for by social workers and courts. Those who receive these inconvenient children utilize the black/gray market do so for “adoption” (note the quotes), sex trade, or servitude. Each party trolls social media, underground networks, Craig’s List, and other advertising sources, seeking matches often with the assistance of paid third parties. Unregulated custody transfer is a nice name for child trafficking. Continue Reading →

Bastard Nation 2020 Legislative Roundup

National Adoption Awareness Month is winding down, and today is a good time to post a round-up of 2020 legislative action –if you can call it action. In this Year of Covid-19 it is unlikely that any action, other than the slow death by sine die  (adjournment of the session without action) will take place on any of the few remaining bills. If something does move, I will amend this later and repost it at the end of the year. Continue Reading →