New York State: Update on OBC Application Processing

Due to the Covid lockdown OBC processing has been delayed and very slow Here is an update, as of today, on the progress the Pre-Adoption Cert unit is making on sending out OBCs to New York adoptees who patiently–or not so patiently–have waited for their original birth certificates.  A substantial number–over 9.000– have been processed and/or sent. Continue Reading →

New York: NYARC Update on January 15, 2020 OBC access

We have been given limited information from our DOH contacts—as others may have received—that the state and city are both “diligently” working on the application forms but such forms are not yet available or fully developed. We have been advised that there will be a webinar with all applicable agencies sometime during the week of 1/6/20 to help make the process more efficient. Continue Reading →

Bastard Nation Statement: Cuomo Signs Historic Adoptee Rights Bill. Leaves No One Behind!

Bastard Nation, the Adoptee Rights Organization is delighted that New York governor Andrew Cuomo today signed S3419. This historic bill restores the right, of Original Birth Certificate (OBC) access to all the state’s adoptees without restriction or condition– a right once held by all New York adoptees. It passed both Houses in June, and although we were confident that Gov. Cuomo would sign the bill, it was a long, nail-biting wait. Continue Reading →