Goodbye NAAM 2020. I am tired of you.

Well, NAAM 2020 is shutting down. I can’t decide whether to close it on a serious or an absurd note. In fact, I have something serious to write about, but I need to think it out better. Maybe I will write it later, maybe not. I just know that I am exhausted. frazzled, frustrated, bored, and angry at this annual bullshit party. Continue Reading →

Blasting Back from the Past: NJRTL Marie Tasy claims abortion rights “negate effectiveness of safe haven laws”

So, according to Crazy Tasy New Jersey’s safe haven law will become totally useless if the bill is passed since all those there-but-for-the-grace-of-safe-haven go neonaticiders will just march off to the abortorium instead of the ER or corner firehouse. Tasy really doesn’t like women much. Continue Reading →

Bastard Nation 2020 Legislative Roundup

National Adoption Awareness Month is winding down, and today is a good time to post a round-up of 2020 legislative action –if you can call it action. In this Year of Covid-19 it is unlikely that any action, other than the slow death by sine die  (adjournment of the session without action) will take place on any of the few remaining bills. If something does move, I will amend this later and repost it at the end of the year. Continue Reading →

This is the Worst NAAM News Story I Have Ever Heard: He was frozen suspended in time.

“Adoption” is the nice word embryo dealers use to hook in the desperate and childless to convince them, that they are performing a sacred act of saviorisn not unlike anti-abort clinic harassers. The only difference is that embryo adoptions are blatant commercial transactions where a slick amount of money changes hands for product. Clinic screamers only shell out for carfare, sign-making materials, megaphones and loudspeakers, amps, and an occasional bail bill. Bombs optional. Continue Reading →

Milking the Cash Cow: Don’t trust the adoption Industry to “navigate” your search and reunion

What does that mean? “Official search process?” Since I’ve never sat through a Barker session, I can’t say, but it sounds like “leave the driving to the Barker Foundation.” God forbid you, Little Bastard, should go out on your own and muck things up or worse be successful without the guiding hand of professionals. Peer support and assistance through local in-person groups or social media, Search Angels, PI’s contacting 2nd cousins on Ancestry. or extortion and bribery just won’t cut it. Autonomy must never be practiced.  Continue Reading →

Florida Baby Box Update: Ocala Marks the Spot!!

Still, that is a very dangerous number to float without clarification and correction. It’s wrong, Not only does it conflate traditional safe haven cases with baby box cases, the number “validates”  and popularizes baby boxing as a legitimate way to handle problematic and hidden pregnancies and birth and the social and economic situations that surround the baby box “choice”  as boxers like to call it.  I have seen this one hundred number show up in other stories recently and no one at SHBB is calling for a correction since it suits the agenda.  Unfortunately, an incurious media is immune from asking real questions and ends up a pusher of  “feel good” solutions to complex problems. Continue Reading →

Missouri. Another NAAM Moment: The Color Purple

Why are “fostercare”  and   “adoption” lumped in with numerous cancers, epilepsy, animal abuse, Khron’s Disease, Infantile Spasms, Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis. and Sjogren’s Syndrome? I had to look up that last two. I mean, isn’t  NAMM a celebration and adoption a positive happy thing, not a debilitating disease? Perhaps, that’s a rhetorical question. Continue Reading →

New York State: Update on OBC Application Processing

Due to the Covid lockdown OBC processing has been delayed and very slow Here is an update, as of today, on the progress the Pre-Adoption Cert unit is making on sending out OBCs to New York adoptees who patiently–or not so patiently–have waited for their original birth certificates.  A substantial number–over 9.000– have been processed and/or sent. Continue Reading →