Unhinged. My Life as a Right-Wing Nut Gatherer. A Short Memoir.

This ramped up eventually to oppositional research and hanging with Central Ohio abortion obsessives like masculinist Dave Daubenmire (Pass the Salt and Minute Men– not to be confused with the Minutemen), Dr. Patrick Johnston,(old link but you’ll get the idea), and Mark Harrington, “the Truth Truck Guy.” (Created Equal and other organizations.) During a chilly November afternoon, sitting on a wall by the Scioto River with Johnston and Troy Newman (Operation Rescue) I watched with great amusement as Johnston beat Newman repeatedly over the head with his Bible. I once got in a prayer huddle at the Ohio Statehouse with Janet Folger Porter, creator of Ohio’s original Heartbeat Bill. A couple of years later, Flip Benham, then director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America, told me I nearly made him flub his prayer during a fetal funeral held by Fr. Frank Pavone (Priests for Life) in downtown Columbus when I heckled him with a line about a donkey and an embalmed fetus. It loses something without context. I’ll forgo it, but he got it. Continue Reading →

Things to Think About. “Adoption and Culture” Pre-Publication Articles on Adoption, Abortion, Reproductive Justice, Dobbs

Dobbs certainly impacts the restoration of adoptee rights to records, history, family, and identity. It establishes a state-backed pattern of purposeful creation and growth of an adopted class without normal identity rights and maintains the spurious ethics of adoption secrecy. It promotes the commercialization of child adoptee bodies and attempts to invent adult adoptee gratitude and adherence to adoption and its institutions. Should we expect a big boom in therapy in 20 years? These are things we need to think about: Continue Reading →

Students for Life America Has Plans for Adoption and It Doesn’t Include Adoptees

There is no mention of adoptee civil rights. Did you see a word about original birth certificates, adoption records and files, search and reunion, medical histories, the re-homing epidemic, adoptee abuse and murder, adoptee mental health issues, family policing, societal dysfunction vis a vis adoption, the foster-to-prison pipeline, racism, classicism, sex and genderism in adoption policy and practice, corruption, graft, neo-colonialism? The over-arching control of evangelicals-with-agendas in the adoption industry? Did SFLA even ask adoptees how they feel about their adoption demands? Continue Reading →

Good Reading Series: Adoption, Family Separation & Preservation, and Reproductive Justice

When Roe v Wade falls, the entire adoptee rights movement will be fucked…In the meantime…This week the Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics at Harvard Law School issued a collection of kick-ass blogs on its Bill of Health site regarding adoptees, adoption, abortion, and Safe Haven laws, and the expected demise of Roe by SCOTUS.  Continue Reading →

Bethany Pimp-a-Thon, Part One: Money Changes Everything

Does anyone really believe that Bethany has switched out its 70+ year history of coerced birth and relinquishment, promotion of secret adoption, sealed birth certificates and adoption records lobbying, and overt adopteephobia for a beefed-up “global family care” mission? The “global mission” simply tugs at heartstrings of prayer warriors and the pursestrings of donors while it keeps the agency’s raison d’ etre–adoption and child profiteering– running in the background. Continue Reading →

The Mark Crutcher Shit Show: Adoption: the Real Story or Theocratic Fantasy

If a match were not made–then the federal government would issue a permission-to-abort certificate. He knows, of course, this would never happen, because the product of every unwanted pregnancy would end up in the adoption mill–most likely Christian.  Under this win-win-win scenario, abortion would disappear from the country since every fetus baby would be wanted by somebody, (though molesters and pedos need not apply. ) No baby would be unwanted; no woman forced to rear a baby she didn’t want.–though he never elaborate how this satisfies women who don’t want to be pregnant. Continue Reading →

Today’s Dumbest Adoption-Abortion Tweets

It’s not like there’s isn’t a huge bank of stupid Tweets to choose from. Most of them can be summarized as (1) adoption not abortion  (no details) and (2) would you rather have been aborted?  If you answer “Yes”  you will be judged insane, depraved, selfish. ungrateful, in need help, an object of pity, or you should just go off yourself. Continue Reading →

More Conflation and Co-option: Abortion,adoption, fostercare, and Wendy’s. Make it stop!

Abortion abolitionists continue their fantasies about abortion and adoption and abortees and adoptees.  After numerous requests to cease and desist, they continue to propagandize adoptees and former and current people in foster care to pimp their agenda. Just stop it! This time around we have diva Lila Rose (who incidentally opposes contraception) and numerous abolitionist and conservative news sites peddling Wendy’s and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption as allies in their pursuit of mandatory birth. Continue Reading →

More conflation: Recruiting Adoptees to Promote Adoption in a “post-abortion” USA.

Adoptees, then, from the evangelical  (Protestant or Catholic) POV, need to be visible as a “saved” class, grateful for the life they claim we would otherwise not experience, yet be invisible regarding our genuine selves, including our genuine and often unpleasant opinions about adoption,  What’s more, abolitionists and co-religionist adopters need to be seen as saviors to fulfill their own social and spiritual ambitions. Former Kansas Senator, Governor, and US Attorney General Sam Brownback says that the more children you adopt the easier it is to get into heaven Continue Reading →