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I never doubted that equal rights was the right direction. Most reforms, most problems are complicated. But to me there is nothing complicated about ordinary equality

I never doubted that equal rights was the right direction. Most reforms, most problems are complicated. But to me there is nothing complicated about ordinary equality

Adoptee rights advocates have staunch friends who won’t compromise us out of our original birth certificates, and a lot of enemies who will either oppose OBC access and adoption reform or just ignore what  ungrateful bastards and their first and adoptive families have to say.  With little understanding of adoption  (with some exceptions) The Bad Guys pursue their own agendas which have little or nothing to do with adoption or us.  We’re’ the nail and they’re the hammer. What we see as corruption, they see as “making adoption easy.” They like to call us “anti-adoption.” anti-privacy” “racists”  abortion dupes,”  “mental cases,” “home wreckers” and “hippies.” Seriously!

A small subset of The Bad Guys are organizations and individuals who have worn out their usefulness.  They lack mission, purpose, and clarity. They deflect big issues with trivial projects, insert themselves into legislative campaigns as “experts,”  hog the media, and obstruct genuine change. They are disliked by Good Guys, Bad Guys, and even the Mushy Middle (below) where they once resided.

three facesThe third category, the most troubling, is the Mushy Middle.. They are more pernicious than hardcore opposition which will usually tell you where they stand . The Mushy Middle just smiles and doesn’t. This category consists mostly of grassroots an professional adoption reformists–or as I call them, deformers–those who claim to support adoptee rights and adoption reform, but don’t have the nerve, energy, or self-esteem  to ask for, much less demand, what they actually want    They dwell on medical histories, primal wounds, therapy and “getting along”  while they pretend to talk about civil rights. Politics and power scare them.They lick up any crumb tossed to them while  complaining about the taste.

Mushies want to be liked, tell you what you want to hear, then stab you in the back when nobody is looking.  But as a broken clock is right twice a day, deformers sometimes come out on the good side when they think it’s safe and the can get what they’ve been afraid to name all along.–especially when somebody else has carried their water for them. In other words, they can sometimes be helpful.  Use them if you can, but beware.

A photo Sperm-Blank.gif small subset of the Mushy Middle are organizations and individuals who were once hardcore  Bad Guys and have changed with the times.They aren’t on our side wholly, but no longer actively oppose us either.  Unlike our Majority Mushies, they will tell you where they stand. They deserve a Gold Spermie (though not a Seal of Approval)  for acknowledging past mistakes and opening dialogue.  They need to be recognized for their growth.


I have also included a section on International Adoptee Resources.

The adoptee rights movement  is a worldwide movement.  I’ve been gob-smacked over the years over how many of us there are and how we are universally jacked around by governments, religionists, and “social service” busybodies. Even is countries where our right to records and identity are allegedly protected, somebody is always throwing a spanner in the works.


Positions on these pages are arbitrary and may change if circumstances demand. Some of my choices  are controversial, but I stand by them. They do not represent the views of Bastard Nation or its membership.

Note that some organizations and webpages that were listed as “good guys” on my the Blogger version of the DB  have been moved to AdoptaHelp  since, except for a couple exceptions, are  information and education sources, not activist.

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