Goodbye NAAM2019

Only we all know it isn’t goodbye.

November is only the designated month. Adoption, however, is always with us. And it is always with “them”, too. Those who define us with their fantasy narratives, desire, and secret records.  The politicians, the baby savers, and the ones who have no idea what they are talking about.

As I wrote earlier, in my experience, 2019 has been the best year for infiltration and subversion.of NAAM. so far. Flipping the script/fucking the script is the only reason I don’t; go rabid every November. It’s why I push myself to write every day. Some days better than others.

This time around I read literally hundreds of blogs, articles, and individual comments on social media that spun the adoption industry on its head, while it was busy selling Gotfha baubles and hustling baby sales. We live in two different worlds. Ours is growing.

The big NAM2019 event was the signing into law of New York S3419  that unseals the OBCS of New York adoptees without restriction or condition. The campaign took close to 40  of years fighting against the adoption establishment and deformers to win. The bill passed in June. I don’t know why it took so long for Cuomo to sign it, but I like to think, despite the nail-biting suspense,, it was in celebration of NAM2019. A real celebration, not a made-up sales holiday.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in. with your opinions, perspectives, personal stories, angst, honesty–and friendship. Thanks to Bastards on the street, writers, researchers, activists, thinkers, artists, musicians for their table-turning. I know how rough it can be on the psyche, emotions time, and keyboards.



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