Happy Thanksgiving and NAAM from Catholic Charities

Here ‘s the Happy NAAM greeting: a paper doll family held in the hands of a white child whom I assume is an adoptee holding the family together Personally I don’t think any child should tasked with that kind of responsibility. Unfortunately, in AdoptionLand I’ve met plenty of adoptees who were. What if she goes bad and sets the family on fire? Continue Reading →

Minnesota: A brief commentary on agency post-adoption service incompetence

I won’t quote a length here, but this selection from “Observations and Recommendations” sets the dismal tone on the status of adoption agency search requests In Minnesota and highlights two” problems” which we as adoptee rights activists throughout the country hear continually about from individuals who contact us directly or who write about their frustrations on discussion forums and Facebook: payment demands (pay to play) and agency “inability” to locate records.” Do adoption agencies still claim records were lost in a fire or flood? Continue Reading →

Adoption Searches as humanitarian intervention: an adoption industry cash cow

Catholic Charities charges $500 for a search because they use an online service that costs $175 a month and some searches can take thousands of staff hours, said Matt Kerr, spokesman for the Diocese of Allentown, Catholic Charities’ parent organization.

Thousands of staff hours on a search?. Is the CC internet powered by tin cans and a string?

This is well….crazy,and dare I suggest a lie. Continue Reading →