Introduction: Conflation! We got conflation. Abortion, adoption and fostercare

Miss Rose’s immediate goal was to show that forced-birthers care what happens after birth. What she failed to mention is that forced-birthers and the politicians they elect seldom support contraception (inexpensive or otherwise)  family preservation,  ACA,  Medicaid expansion, inexpensive childcare, job training, school lunch programs, poverty programs, and other pro- mother and child initiatives unless, of course, they are tied to Protestant or Catholic evangelism, not publicly funded secular programs.No amount of one-on-one foster adoption is going to solve economic class- and race-based problems. BUg my abolitionist accounts adoption will.  Continue Reading →

Forced birth, ectopic transplants, and misogyny: Crank science in Ohio

Outside of the absurd anti-business attempt to ban private insurance coverage, the response has ranged from horrified to hoot by everyone except the Republican House Caucus who embraces every GOP crackpot who wanders in off High Street. But it gets better,  Much better…Becker says in so many words, that reality will neither stop him from pursuing his bill or simply just pulling it. Pulling, of course, would be a public confession that he has no idea what he is talking about. Continue Reading →

Scandal 2015 and The Defenders 1962. Same subject, two different reactions

Unfortunately, Lila Rose and her ilk cannot treat Americans as adults like they were treated 54 years ago. They can’t take the heat for a serious discussion. Are their arguments so fragile that a TV show can crumble them? Moreover, they don’t want to admit that the only “big deal” about abortion for some women is trying to get through the maze of laws and restrictions people Lila Rose and Ryan Bomberger have either created or supported to make forced pregnancy the only “choice” some have. Continue Reading →

Scandal: The Radiance Foundation v Shonda Rhimes

I’m beginning to think that this should be Stop Radiance Foundation Month instead of National Adoption Month.  Not a day goes by when I don’t retch or laugh or both at what shows up on its FB page. It is not a safe space for Bastards. I mean, if you think the I Am Adopted FB page is full of happy adoptees who will transform you into a diabetic in 10 seconds with their pink cotton candy and kool-aid, (even if half of them seem really angry) then RF is totally blissed out on it. Did somebody over there indulge on Purple Owsley and never come back?  Forced pregnancy followed by happy relinquishment is the RF model.There’s no middle ground here.Unplanned pregnancy = abortion. The way RF propagandizes, you’d think no single women keep their kids. I’m not sure what one of RF: slogans “Be the Hope” means. Many adoptees have been acquired as the hope of childless couples (or singles, though  I doubt RF supports that part of the deal.) Does any normal person want to be someone else’s hope? Has Bomberger ever talked to one of those`adoptee hope survivors?  Don’t we, especially if we are adopted, have enough problems? Continue Reading →

Does the Radiance Foundation Support Adoptee Rights? Apparently Not.

Abortion is about not wanting to be pregnant. Adoption is about not being able or wanting to parent. The link between abortion and adoption has been totally debunked except for anti-aborts who need it to,ball gag adoptees, an activity increasingly more difficult to accomplish. In the example above, though, the Radiance plea goes farther than false linkage. Not only must these “babies” be saved from the abortotorium, but family preservation and mother and child relationships and affection aren’t even in the organizational vocabulary. Radiance views abortion at any state of pregnancy as murder. It also assumes that women caught in unplanned and unwanted pregnancies will opt for abortion unless they can be “saved” through adoption.. Thus, any pregnant woman in the “right” circumstances is a potential murderer.

It is not enough then for babies to be “saved.” We need to pray that adoption rates increase. That is,”saved” and “safe” babies, need to be ripped from their mother’s wombs and transported into the aching arms and gated homes.of the Worthy Class while courageous relinquishing mothers bask in the radiance of selflesness. Radiance has several projects going, and the closest that comes to actually recognizing biological mothers is Sally’s s Lambs, which gives out baskets to newly de-babyed women that include Bibles, lotions candles, restaurants gift cards, and a book of poems by Helen Steiner Rice. to “help her feel cherished and remind her of the beauty of her decision.” I gave my baby away and all I got was this lousy basket. Continue Reading →

Ohio Right to Life Throws in with Karl Rove: Bush’s Brain to raise money for ORTL

While checking on something else tonight (as usual!) I learned that ORTL has booked an encore to its Beckian Theatre of the Fundraising Absurd. On February 7, ORTL, its Toledo chapter, and the Foundation for Life of Northwest Ohio offer a joint production: An Evening with Karl Rove. at the poshy downtown Toledo Club. Continue Reading →

U Are a Gift: The Commodification of the Female Body on a Very Bad Website. Your value is in your Unplanned Pregnancy

The other day, the ever eagle-eyed Claud D’Arcy found a website, U Are a Gift, that is truly beyond words.  If I didn’t now better, I’d think that U Are a Gift, with its bizarre pictures of gift wrapped pregos, is a parody page. After one gets over the trauma of puerile aesthetics (Ad Busters take note!), one can only wonder who would take this site seriously.  The average 12-year old, with no prompting from any of us, should figure out quickly that U Are a Gift is somebody’s fantasy in pink. U Are a Gift is operated by a MILF  named Carol  (no last name) who wears jeans and suffers from grammar, punctuation, and capitalization impairment.  We think she thinks she’s cool–a word she uses to describe open adoption (the film Juno is a great model for living-a-happily-ever-after life) ). Carol tells us that before God, or rather, “Jesus, CEO of the Universe,” whispered in her pretty ear to set up her page (or mission, or business or whatever it is) she was: ….in the executive search business for 20 years. In my business I have always created opportunities for people and not allowed them to miss out on Continue Reading →

Roe Turns 39; Columbus Protests

This now appears in the Columbus Free Press ins a slightly different form. Monday marked the 39th anniversary of Roe v Wade. While most local anti-abortion big shots were doing their annual March for Life in Washington with accompanying photo ops, Greater Columbus Right to Life held down the fort here with a 45 minute rally on the steps of the statehouse.with few photo ops.  Except for me, Channel l0 appeared to be the only local media covering the event, but there’s nothing on the station’s news site.With Occupy Columbus camped out on the corner of S. High and E State, I was looking forward to interesting possibilities, but the occupiers, unlike the Occupy folks in Washington, DC,  who disrupted a “youth event” held by anti-abortion moguls Brian Kemper, Patrick Mahoney, Lila Rose and friends, decided to sit this one out. I’ve attended several of these January outdoor events in the last few years.  Usually, within 10 minutes my fingers, even in two pairs of gloves are ready to call it off  This year, however, the temperature was in the lower 50s and the crowd knew it . About 175 adults and a couple dozen small children celebrated  as Grove Continue Reading →

Adoption Not Abortion: Pimping Adoptees for a "Higher Purpose""

I did not intend to write as much as I have about abortion in this month of National Adoption Awareness but the subject just keeps getting in the way. Abortion is the wild card that pops up in even the best laid plans of reformists and activists. In some weird fit of cognitive dissonance, anti-aborts claim that the  fetus shares the same rights as the already born, but reject the notion that if this sacradotaled fetus is brought to term, born and adopted that it should be treated equal under law once it is secularized. In other words, once the word becomes flesh, it’s on its own.  Adoption and abortion, of course, have little in common, though the increasingly Gospelized adoption industry and the anti-abortion corpos make a seamless fit.  Together they present adoption as a  happy win-win-win solution for the principals involved, when they are actually  manipulating, propagandizing, redeeming and reconstructing these principals for the higher purpose of political pimping. It’s bad enough as is, but  during National Adoption Awareness Month (NAAM), we get a booster shot of happy-dappy juice from the evil twins. STUDENTS FOR LIFEJust as NAAM was gearing up, I received a tweet from Students for Continue Reading →

Informed Consent v Informed Consent: Redux

Hypocrisy boiled to the top yesterday as Ohio Right to Life client-in-chief,  governor John Kasich, signed HB 63. The bill, sloganeered to “protect parental rights and save lives” was designed to “tighten” Ohio’s parental consent loophole that allows  unmarried underage  women to get the juvenile court’s permission, rather than, their parents, to undergo an abortion. Hypocritical because the same politicians who cry foul over the judicial bypass for abortion, claiming it interferes with family communication and the ability of parents to oversee their daughters’ medical needs, also support Ohio’s “safe haven” law, which encourages teen women to carry a secret pregnancy to term with no parental knowledge or  medical monitoring, give secret birth alone under dangerous conditions, and then anonymously abandon the secret baby at an ER or fire station with no questions asked. Nobody will ever have to know you had this baby. ORTL director Mike Gonidakis celebrating its latest victory told the Columbus Dispatch: Ohio is witnessing the blessings of having the most pro-life governor and general Assembly in our state’s history working together to save lives. Ya mean like this  (from my earlier Daily Bastardette and Theoconia blogs) Mike: In the bizarro world of Ohio Right to Continue Reading →