LOL! Radiance Foundation Blasts Bethany Christian Services for “Wokeness:” Anti-Racist, Unchristian

Bomberger & Co has a problem with anything that reeks of racial and gender equality, economic equity, bodily autonomy, and movements to establish or restore rights, that even he himself, a bi-racial adoptee, fails to qualify for under the gaze of white supremacy. Apparently, it’s enough that We-the-Fetus has been saved, and the only right we deserve after that, is the right to be adopted. I’m not sure how someone who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about adoptee rights, can ethically promote adoption. I could have missed something, but I’ve never heard a peep about erased identities, sealed records, adoption trauma, or any other garbage that is lobbed at adopted people.  Continue Reading →

Scandal: The Radiance Foundation v Shonda Rhimes

I’m beginning to think that this should be Stop Radiance Foundation Month instead of National Adoption Month.  Not a day goes by when I don’t retch or laugh or both at what shows up on its FB page. It is not a safe space for Bastards. I mean, if you think the I Am Adopted FB page is full of happy adoptees who will transform you into a diabetic in 10 seconds with their pink cotton candy and kool-aid, (even if half of them seem really angry) then RF is totally blissed out on it. Did somebody over there indulge on Purple Owsley and never come back?  Forced pregnancy followed by happy relinquishment is the RF model.There’s no middle ground here.Unplanned pregnancy = abortion. The way RF propagandizes, you’d think no single women keep their kids. I’m not sure what one of RF: slogans “Be the Hope” means. Many adoptees have been acquired as the hope of childless couples (or singles, though  I doubt RF supports that part of the deal.) Does any normal person want to be someone else’s hope? Has Bomberger ever talked to one of those`adoptee hope survivors?  Don’t we, especially if we are adopted, have enough problems? Continue Reading →

Does the Radiance Foundation Support Adoptee Rights? Apparently Not.

Abortion is about not wanting to be pregnant. Adoption is about not being able or wanting to parent. The link between abortion and adoption has been totally debunked except for anti-aborts who need it to,ball gag adoptees, an activity increasingly more difficult to accomplish. In the example above, though, the Radiance plea goes farther than false linkage. Not only must these “babies” be saved from the abortotorium, but family preservation and mother and child relationships and affection aren’t even in the organizational vocabulary. Radiance views abortion at any state of pregnancy as murder. It also assumes that women caught in unplanned and unwanted pregnancies will opt for abortion unless they can be “saved” through adoption.. Thus, any pregnant woman in the “right” circumstances is a potential murderer.

It is not enough then for babies to be “saved.” We need to pray that adoption rates increase. That is,”saved” and “safe” babies, need to be ripped from their mother’s wombs and transported into the aching arms and gated homes.of the Worthy Class while courageous relinquishing mothers bask in the radiance of selflesness. Radiance has several projects going, and the closest that comes to actually recognizing biological mothers is Sally’s s Lambs, which gives out baskets to newly de-babyed women that include Bibles, lotions candles, restaurants gift cards, and a book of poems by Helen Steiner Rice. to “help her feel cherished and remind her of the beauty of her decision.” I gave my baby away and all I got was this lousy basket. Continue Reading →