Informed Consent v Informed Consent: Redux

Hypocrisy boiled to the top yesterday as Ohio Right to Life client-in-chief,  governor John Kasich, signed HB 63. The bill, sloganeered to “protect parental rights and save lives” was designed to “tighten” Ohio’s parental consent loophole that allows  unmarried underage  women to get the juvenile court’s permission, rather than, their parents, to undergo an abortion. Hypocritical because the same politicians who cry foul over the judicial bypass for abortion, claiming it interferes with family communication and the ability of parents to oversee their daughters’ medical needs, also support Ohio’s “safe haven” law, which encourages teen women to carry a secret pregnancy to term with no parental knowledge or  medical monitoring, give secret birth alone under dangerous conditions, and then anonymously abandon the secret baby at an ER or fire station with no questions asked. Nobody will ever have to know you had this baby. ORTL director Mike Gonidakis celebrating its latest victory told the Columbus Dispatch: Ohio is witnessing the blessings of having the most pro-life governor and general Assembly in our state’s history working together to save lives. Ya mean like this  (from my earlier Daily Bastardette and Theoconia blogs) Mike: In the bizarro world of Ohio Right to Continue Reading →