Does the Radiance Foundation Support Adoptee Rights? Apparently Not.

I’ve been following the Radiance  Foundation for some time now. Radiance is operated by Ryan Bomberger, an adoptee with substantial rightwing, evangelical and anti-adoptee support, who loves adoption so much he puts Dr. Adoption himself, Bill Pierce, look like me. In the months I’ve been following Radiance I don’t think that I’ve once read a discouraging word.about adoption.  At Radiance, the skies are not cloudy all day, except for:  contraception, abortion, stem sell research, Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, the NAACP, (im)purity, transgenderism, queer marriage. liberals, Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and the  entire Democratic Party, I’ve read a couple disparaging remarks about unions, too, by posters, but so far Radiance has made no official pronouncement, possibly because unions don’t have a lot to do, at least overtly, with sex and the private lives of others.

I  post occasionally on the Radiance Foundation’s FB page.  I also tweeted  responses  until recently when  I was blocked from its account for asking uncomfortable questions, like  if it  supports adoptee rights. It doesn’t take a Harvard logician  to grasp that to flog adoption for the masses and  not  similarly flog restoration of adoptee rights to legislators and policy wonks is hypocritical and politically obtuse. I guess I got my answer.

Now just in time for #flipthescript and NAM comes the newest Radiance Foundation message:

Radiance, - justice

I have never seen “adoption” posited as a “justice” issue by anyone outside of entitled neo-colonial white saviors like Katy Jay--and then it is about  justice for boo-hooing paps aka the unrestricted right to import Third World children into their homes.  When uppity bastards discuss adoptee rights as justice we’re yawned at, eye-rolled, patted on the head, and told to shut up, go home, crawl back in our closets, and be grateful. Sometimes the niceties are skipped and were just told shut up and crawl back in our closet. You could have been aborted, ya know.

Despite, what Radiance implies above, there  no “right.”– natural,  constitutional or any other kind–  to parent, or to be parented though admittedly, the latter is preferable to state-run orphanages and ferality.

And, I hate to use the PC term “offensive” but boy that footer really IS offensive much less wrong..  “….prayer & worship to end abortion and increase adoption.”

Abortion is about not wanting to be pregnant. Adoption is about not being able or wanting to parent. The  link between abortion and adoption has been totally debunked except for anti-aborts who need it to,ball gag adoptees, an activity increasingly more difficult to accomplish.  In the example above, though, the  Radiance plea goes farther than false linkage. Not only must these “babies” be saved from the abortotorium, but family preservation and mother and child relationships and affection aren’t even in the organizational vocabulary. Radiance views abortion at any state of pregnancy as murder. It also assumes that women caught in unplanned and unwanted pregnancies will opt for abortion unless they can be “saved” through adoption.. Thus, any pregnant woman in the “right” circumstances is a potential murderer.

It is not enough then for babies to be “saved.” We need to pray that adoption rates increase. That is,”saved”   and “safe” babies, need to be ripped from their mother’s wombs and transported into the aching arms and  gated homes.of the Worthy Class while courageous relinquishing mothers bask in the radiance of  selflesness.  Radiance has several projects going, and the closest that comes to actually recognizing biological mothers is Sally’s s Lambs, which gives out  baskets to newly de-babyed women that include Bibles, lotions candles, restaurants gift cards, and a book of poems by Helen Steiner Rice. to “help her feel cherished and remind her of the beauty of her decision.”  I gave my baby away and all I got was this lousy basket.


I consider myself an intel gatherer and keeper, and have tried hard not to interact with Radiance online,  Sometimes, thorough, it’s hard to remain silent. like when this message came up a few weeks ago, I couldn’t help myself.  (Sorry, I”m really bad with screen shots, so I’m cutting and pasting.)

Marley Greiner
Marley Greiner There is no link between adoption and abortion. Abortion is about not wanting to be pregnant; adoption is about not wanting or being able to be a parent. The false abortion-adoption link is what has killed adoptee rights legislation and the restoration of the right of all adopted adults to access their own original birth certificates for decades. Ryan, do you believe adoptees have a right to their OBC and if not why? I have never seen you address this issue. Do the legal and civil rights of live adult adoptees matter to you at all?.

Not surprisingly, I didn’t get a response.

After this Halloween posting I did get a response–finally–and just what I expected.  Here is the original with our responses.

Don’t be tricked by an evil industry that violently treats human lives like property. ‪#‎PPSellsBabyParts‬ ‪#‎AbortionIsEvil‬ ‪#‎ThereIsNoDressingItUp‬

The Radiance Foundation's photo.
Marley Greiner

Marley Greiner And here I thought you were referring to the adoption industry.

The Radiance Foundation
The Radiance Foundation Marley Greiner…Last time we checked, the adoption industry doesn’t use violence, doesn’t mutilate human beings, and doesn’t profit from their deaths. Oh, and every child who is adopted has a future. Not one single child ripped apart by the violence of abortion does. Nice try. Love the anti-adoption, pro-abortion types. They have things all inverted.
Marley Greiner

Marley Greiner I will be responding to you at length in #flipthescriptthis month. As an adoptee rights activist and organizer, I find your combination of fetus loving and adoptee hating rather interesting. You cannot promote adoption without promoting the restoration of adoptee civil rlights. Anything else is hypocrisy. As for violence, one has only to look at the history of Native American genocide through adoption, the Magdalene Laundries, coerced/forced relinquishment, domestic and international child harvesting and trafficking for adoption purposes (why have so many countries shut; down adoption to the US?) neocolonialism, and slut shaming without seeing the corrupt, filthy industry adoption is. Many pro-adoption people reject adoption in its current form. And many birthmoms say if they’d known what adoption wouldl do to their lives they’d have aborted. I never see you address any of those issues here. Using terms such as “anti-adoption-pro-abortion” is an old tactic used to silence the adoptee voice. Well, we won’t shut up. When I respond to you in my blog I’ll let you know.

The pathology of the Radiance Foundation then, is simple:   The rights and lives of living adopted persons worth less than  fetishized fetuses. Disagree with US adoption policy and you’re anti-adoption and pro-abortion. It’s kinda like being called a Communist by Joe McCarthy.
I told Ryan Bomberger that I intended to respond to his abortion claims, but this isn’t the response. Well let’s say this is Part 1.  I’m still working out the rest. Consider this an introduction then.  The big question is why does Ryan Bomberger and the Radiance Foundation refuse to address the issue of adoptee civil rights? Why do Bombereger and Radiance equate criticism of the current adoption system as being anti-adoption and pro-abortion?  What is Radiance going to do with all those “saved” babies when they grow up and want to know why Radiance didn’t stand for their rights?

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