Introduction: Conflation! We got conflation. Abortion, adoption and fostercare

Miss Rose’s immediate goal was to show that forced-birthers care what happens after birth. What she failed to mention is that forced-birthers and the politicians they elect seldom support contraception (inexpensive or otherwise)  family preservation,  ACA,  Medicaid expansion, inexpensive childcare, job training, school lunch programs, poverty programs, and other pro- mother and child initiatives unless, of course, they are tied to Protestant or Catholic evangelism, not publicly funded secular programs.No amount of one-on-one foster adoption is going to solve economic class- and race-based problems. BUg my abolitionist accounts adoption will.  Continue Reading →

Scandal 2015 and The Defenders 1962. Same subject, two different reactions

Unfortunately, Lila Rose and her ilk cannot treat Americans as adults like they were treated 54 years ago. They can’t take the heat for a serious discussion. Are their arguments so fragile that a TV show can crumble them? Moreover, they don’t want to admit that the only “big deal” about abortion for some women is trying to get through the maze of laws and restrictions people Lila Rose and Ryan Bomberger have either created or supported to make forced pregnancy the only “choice” some have. Continue Reading →