NAD/NAAD Day 25: Students for Life Continues to Co-opt, Appropriate Celebrity Adoptees

The point is that SFL took Cheoweth’s words, produced a meme of sorts, with them and her picture, and posted it around the internet. The world. It actually stamped a SFL © in the upper right-hand corner…It also implies that Chenoweth agrees the Christian Nationalist ideology of SFL president, Kristan Hawkins. The organization, in effect, linked Chenoweth with SFL’s organization and agenda… Continue Reading →

NAM/NAAM Day 24. Kristan Hawkins’ Turkey: Leonard Leo Take Note!

Instead, I will just post an exceedingly stupid Tweet from SFL president Kristan Hawkins, that suggests, for the 27,000th time that she might be prone to drunk posting. Continue Reading →

Students for Life America Has Plans for Adoption and It Doesn’t Include Adoptees

There is no mention of adoptee civil rights. Did you see a word about original birth certificates, adoption records and files, search and reunion, medical histories, the re-homing epidemic, adoptee abuse and murder, adoptee mental health issues, family policing, societal dysfunction vis a vis adoption, the foster-to-prison pipeline, racism, classicism, sex and genderism in adoption policy and practice, corruption, graft, neo-colonialism? The over-arching control of evangelicals-with-agendas in the adoption industry? Did SFLA even ask adoptees how they feel about their adoption demands? Continue Reading →

Adoption Not Abortion: Another Year of Adoptee Celebrity Pimping and Lies for the Greater Good of Adoption, pt. 1

 (NOTE: this is the first part of a two part blog.  The second part will be posted in a few days.  This serves as an introduction. Please go to my originsl Adoption Not Abortion piece lined below for background.) The adaption not abortion crowd is back! A year ago,in Adoption Not Abortion: Pimping Adoptees for a Higiher Purpose, I wrote about Student’s for Life’s  misleading  flyer project :  What Do Willie Nelson and Eleanor Roosevelt  have in Common? Willie and Mrs. Roosevelt and other celebrities  presumably without their (or their estate’s) consent)  were described as adoptees,  and pimped out to promote the group’s adoption- not-abortion.message for National Adoption Awareness Month 2011. The Students for Life  lie-based publicity campaign. has been updated and streamlined a little for the 2012 season. . In what appears to be a SFL attempt to look relevant to its intended target,  a few  new “adoptee” celebrities, including Snooki (!)  have been added to the page to, I suppose, to illustrate positive adoption pop culture. To be fair, a few genuine adoptees are included.. The number of adoption lies on this page, however,  are  so staggering we can only wonder if Students for Life didn’t outsource Continue Reading →

Adoption Not Abortion: Pimping Adoptees for a "Higher Purpose""

I did not intend to write as much as I have about abortion in this month of National Adoption Awareness but the subject just keeps getting in the way. Abortion is the wild card that pops up in even the best laid plans of reformists and activists. In some weird fit of cognitive dissonance, anti-aborts claim that the  fetus shares the same rights as the already born, but reject the notion that if this sacradotaled fetus is brought to term, born and adopted that it should be treated equal under law once it is secularized. In other words, once the word becomes flesh, it’s on its own.  Adoption and abortion, of course, have little in common, though the increasingly Gospelized adoption industry and the anti-abortion corpos make a seamless fit.  Together they present adoption as a  happy win-win-win solution for the principals involved, when they are actually  manipulating, propagandizing, redeeming and reconstructing these principals for the higher purpose of political pimping. It’s bad enough as is, but  during National Adoption Awareness Month (NAAM), we get a booster shot of happy-dappy juice from the evil twins. STUDENTS FOR LIFEJust as NAAM was gearing up, I received a tweet from Students for Continue Reading →