Just in time for National Adoption Month: New Ohio law makes adoption “easier”

Yesterday, the State of Ohio launched Family Forward, a program that creates state-backed low-interest 5-year loan assistance of up to $50,000, to qualified but financially stressed-out PAP/HAPs seeking to “build their families through adoption.” The program was created by HB 405, a bi-partisan measure that passed the legislature unanimously in 2020. Continue Reading →

Adoption and Abortion: “Heartbeat” bills are an adoption pipeline. Forced birthers undermine and exploit adoptees and our rights

 Adoption is the through-line in any forced-birth/ “Heartbeat” Bill discussion, on the legislative floor or online where verbal brawls between anti-aborts and adopted people are common with anti-aborts telling adoptees to STFU if they support abortion rights and reproductive justice. (Twenty years ago Pat Robertson told his 700 Club audience that the adoptee rights movement was a shill for abortion rights.) And woe to the adoptee who declares she’d prefer to have been aborted. Adoptees are God’s gifts until we aren’t. (See @@LilaGraceRose on Twitter if you can stomach it.) Continue Reading →

Ohio: Sub SB250 passes; Ohio Right to Life tramps on first parent and adoptee rights

t’s been said that Sub SB 250 has its genesis in Mike Gonidakis’ hassle in adopting a child domestically, He has said it was easier to adopt his daughter in Guatemala than his son in Cleveland. If true, Gonidakis inconvenience zone trumps the rights of biological families to stay intact….t’s been said that Sub SB 250 has its genesis in Mike Gonidakis’ hassle in adopting a child domestically, He has said it was easier to adopt his daughter in Guatemala than his son in Cleveland. If true, Gonidakis inconvenience zone trumps the rights of biological families to stay intact. Continue Reading →

Ohio will lose millions in revenue if Sub HB250 passes; tax credits will subsidize private adoption corrorations

I’m no mathematician, Thankfully, The Ohio Department of Taxation has done my work for me. According information from the department found in SuB SB 250’s fiscal note, we learn that Ohio taxpayers can be soaked (depending on how the credit is spread out) between $6-9 million a year–and possibly up to $11.5 million. To top it off, money from other state projects–including public library funding– would need to be reduced to cover the revenue loss.The department expects these costs to increase annually.

From the fiscal note: Continue Reading →

Ohio: Rep Buchy appears to be unaware of…Or, everything that’s wrong with ORTL’s “adoption reform” scam

Here’s a couple relevant parts of Buchy’s legislative baby roundup with my quick comments below them.

Ohio law affords the father of any newborn child the opportunity to come forward and protest the adoption in the case that he wants to retain custody of his child. Under the current structure, adoptive parents can go through the entire adoption process before the clock runs out on the biological father’s decision to retain custody of the child, preventing the adoption to go through…

….Research has indicated that children who grow up in a two-parent household are much more likely to become productive members of society rather than a drain on social systems. And second, as an ardent supporter of the pro-life movement, the more adoptive parents that we can encourage with incentives, the more mothers with unwanted pregnancies we can help carry their babies to full-term, knowing that there is a loving home waiting for their children.

Since he asked for it, I’m personalizing my comments here to Rep Buchy, but they are dedicated to every state representative and senator who support this nonsense and clearly know nothing about adoption, its procedures and consequences, except what is fed to them by their anti-abort masters, adoption industry,and the national Adoption Awareness Month. No flip the script for them!!

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OHIO HB 307: Streamlining or screwing? Ohio Right to Life continues its war against first parents and adoptees

In his short intro to the bill, Buchy informed the oddly titled the Civil Justice Committee that passage of HB307 would, through its new restrictions and increased tax credit would encourage adoption and “guarantee” that every newborn relinquished for adoption would be adopted! Nobody blinked! I waited anxiously for Rep. Buchy to introduce figures–and pictures–of adoption agency cradles overflowing with newborns fast-tracked to orphanages, but he let me down. Please tell me, Jim I silently pleaded, how many newborns haven’t been scooped up in Ohio in the last 60 years Continue Reading →

Ohio HB 307 Part 1: Incurious insanity trumps facts; Quick/fast adoptions pass House

Opposition testimony from Denise St. Clair, NCALP: “We can conceive of no benefit for adoptive children through such a change. The vast majority of stakeholders with whom we have discussed this issue do not support this process change. In fact, Section (not listed) does not eliminate the potential that other men who do not receive notice may claim paternity or putative father status to the child and register as provided for notice is not received. If the goal is to decrease the chance that a potential father may appear late in the game, we are not sure that this provision will have that effect. Putative or legal fathers who are not so identified will still have the opportunity to take measures to protect their rights–as they should” Continue Reading →

Ohio Right to Life Throws in with Karl Rove: Bush’s Brain to raise money for ORTL

While checking on something else tonight (as usual!) I learned that ORTL has booked an encore to its Beckian Theatre of the Fundraising Absurd. On February 7, ORTL, its Toledo chapter, and the Foundation for Life of Northwest Ohio offer a joint production: An Evening with Karl Rove. at the poshy downtown Toledo Club. Continue Reading →

Ohio Sub 307–catching up

I have copies of Sub 307 testimony which I’ll scan and post later this week. As usual, the “entertaining” read that only self-serving adoption and anti-abortion racketeers can give us. NancyAmge;-in-Adoption Burley, from Adoption Circle, in particular has carved out a neat niche in the Ohio Adoption Hall of Shame.. I’m not sure what is more important for her: making adoption cheaper and faster or bragging about her credentials. Continue Reading →

ORTL #Adoption

Besides its atrocious, out-of-touch HB 307 “infant adoption reform” bill, which I wrote about in the Columbus Free Press recently, ORTL seems to be taking credit for the passage of Sub HB 23, the new OBC access. bill. Scheduled to take effect in March 2015, the law will give the majority of those adopted in the state between January 1964-mid-Sept 1996 their OBCs. ORTL’s webpage as well as it’s FB page are full of good tidings and great joy over access–something ORTL opposed viciously for 20 years. Continue Reading →