Bastardette’s speech at the Rally for Adoption Equality, Texas Statehouse, May 21, 2021

We are here today to support SB1877/HB1386. The House version passed with only 1 dissenting vote. We need to get the Senate to unstick the bill, currently stuck in the Jurisprudence Committee, and get on to the floor for a vote. We have the votes there that will free nearly 1 million original birth certificates to the adopted people they belong to when it goes up for a vote. Continue Reading →

Maryland: SB 331 Defeat: Adoptee Rights is “A Bad Idea”

Once it hit the Senate floor, however, adoption imperialist warlords and ladies pushed their panic buttons. They were so aggrieved at us lifting our collective leg on them that they attempted to erase us from our own narratives and records (and thus their own minds) by hacking away with that old rusty saw of “birthmother privacy” and (gasp!) “broken government promises.” As if the government has never broken a real promise or spouted a fake one!

This, Fellow Bastards, is some of the worst dehumanizing and outlandish misinformation about adoption and Class Bastard that I’ve heard in years. Did Bill Pierce, the late founding president of the National Council for Adoption, rise from the dead and channel himself through Senator Michael Hough (R ) and his gang of merry bigoted bipartisan busybodies?  Continue Reading →

More Thoughts, Prayers, and Shut Up! Safe Haven Baby Boxes continue to dismiss adoptees and undermine the adoptee rights movement. Just be glad you’re alive and adopted.

Well, Wednesday night (February 10) Monica Kelsey, founder of Safe Haven Baby Boxes, Inc. founder of the movement and of the box, let loose, on that question: and other “problems” presented by the likes of Senators Book and Farmer. In a 5-minute car-talk on her way to Applebee’s, she cogitated:

They said that these kids are entitled to their medical …their medical information. And this is the part that really frosts my tail. This frosts my tail when they even bring this up because as an adoptee. I would rather have my life than know who my parents are. Same thing with a baby being placed in a baby box. I can guarantee you 100% that these babies would rather have their life than know their medical history. Your argument is absurd. Continue Reading →

This is the Worst NAAM News Story I Have Ever Heard: He was frozen suspended in time.

“Adoption” is the nice word embryo dealers use to hook in the desperate and childless to convince them, that they are performing a sacred act of saviorisn not unlike anti-abort clinic harassers. The only difference is that embryo adoptions are blatant commercial transactions where a slick amount of money changes hands for product. Clinic screamers only shell out for carfare, sign-making materials, megaphones and loudspeakers, amps, and an occasional bail bill. Bombs optional. Continue Reading →

Milking the Cash Cow: Don’t trust the adoption Industry to “navigate” your search and reunion

What does that mean? “Official search process?” Since I’ve never sat through a Barker session, I can’t say, but it sounds like “leave the driving to the Barker Foundation.” God forbid you, Little Bastard, should go out on your own and muck things up or worse be successful without the guiding hand of professionals. Peer support and assistance through local in-person groups or social media, Search Angels, PI’s contacting 2nd cousins on Ancestry. or extortion and bribery just won’t cut it. Autonomy must never be practiced.  Continue Reading →

The Names They Call Us: Going from God’s Gift to Satan’s Spawn in One Easy Step

Since I wrote about Lizzie I’ve collected words and their modifiers and a few short phrases, and “advice” utilized by these adoption promoting adopteephobes to describe those of us who don’t follow their company line whether we address rights, trauma, or dysfunction. This’ll keep ’em in line!  Some are from Twitter; others from other social media, legislative debates, and my personal experience. I bet you can add more! Continue Reading →

What’s in a NAAM?

National Adoptee Atonement Month names what we want. Taking that name turns the “original NAAM “on its head. It reflects the deeper process of reclaiming our histories. original identities, and names. It is the rejection of the celebration of a mismanaged, money-grubbing. discriminatory harmful public policy created by adoption industrialists, their trade associations and hangers-on, and the state. that crosses party lines and ideologies.  Adoptee resistance is a revolutionary act.  National Adoptee Atonement Month is not a publicity stunt or ego massager. We will not be adoption’s poster child. Continue Reading →

Of Ballots, Birth Certificates, and Bastards: A Short Discourse

Perhaps it’s about being adopted. The birth certificate is the breeder document for all other “official” government and quasi-government paperwork you may be hounded to obtain Without that certificate, you don’t exist as far as the state and its subsidiaries are concerned. The birth certificate acts as a deed of identity. Of course, in the case of adoptees, we don’t exist as our born, natural selves. We have government-approved identities and government-issued amended birth certificates that are full of lies to prove it. I once ran across the ABC of someone who was adopted as a teen by a young couple. According to the document he was born to parents who were 8 and 6 at the time. Precious! 8 million fraudulent birth certificates. Call Homeland Security! Continue Reading →

National Adoption Awareness Month 2020: Using NAAM as an Instrument of Subversion

A lot of people complain that adoptee voices are stifled, especially during NAAM, but I think that’s a big mistake. I believe that since NAAM was established, the month has slowly become ours—despite the refusal of lawmakers, “pro-choicers,” and entitleds  to grasp that we are hijacking their celebration. Sure, there is definitely a happy-dappy overlay, including National Adoption Day, but over a 20 year period, I’ve seen a lot of change. Class Bastard has stepped forward and grabbed the narrative. Continue Reading →

Bethany Pimp-a-Thon, Part One: Money Changes Everything

Does anyone really believe that Bethany has switched out its 70+ year history of coerced birth and relinquishment, promotion of secret adoption, sealed birth certificates and adoption records lobbying, and overt adopteephobia for a beefed-up “global family care” mission? The “global mission” simply tugs at heartstrings of prayer warriors and the pursestrings of donors while it keeps the agency’s raison d’ etre–adoption and child profiteering– running in the background. Continue Reading →