More Thoughts, Prayers, and Shut Up! Safe Haven Baby Boxes continue to dismiss adoptees and undermine the adoptee rights movement. Just be glad you’re alive and adopted.

Well, Wednesday night (February 10) Monica Kelsey, founder of Safe Haven Baby Boxes, Inc. founder of the movement and of the box, let loose, on that question: and other “problems” presented by the likes of Senators Book and Farmer. In a 5-minute car-talk on her way to Applebee’s, she cogitated:

They said that these kids are entitled to their medical …their medical information. And this is the part that really frosts my tail. This frosts my tail when they even bring this up because as an adoptee. I would rather have my life than know who my parents are. Same thing with a baby being placed in a baby box. I can guarantee you 100% that these babies would rather have their life than know their medical history. Your argument is absurd. Continue Reading →

Gary, Indiana: Stupid Things People Say about Safe Haven Baby Boxes or a Brief Discourse on Cognitive Dissonance

To be kind, Mr. Euvino, who I bet is not adopted, might have been caught up in the moment. To not be kind, he just might be conveniently ignorant. He failed to acknowledge that legal baby dumping is built on loss and tragedy for babies, their biological mothers, fathers, and extended family members. Boxing, he failed to acknowledge, is the erasure of individual identities, histories, and relationships. Box use, he failed to acknowledge, is an endorsement of discredited “clean slate” closed and secret adoption theory-into- practice that taught generations that Class Bastard has no history before adoption#; that we would all be fine with this unless we were neurotic, psychotic, selfish, or otherwise disturbed. This fuckery condemned millions of members of Class Bastard to anonymity, disenfranchisement, confusion, shame, and for many anger depression, therapy, expensive searches, self-harm, and even suicide. I can only assume then that Mr. Euvino aimed his comments, at the mothers and the new families these dumped babies will acquire adoptively on the backs of disempowered bios. Continue Reading →

Baby Drop Boxes: Even safe haven advocates oppose

That baby box advocates continue to imply that AMT-COH supports this archaic and draconian practice is politically inept if not stupid. These claims baffle me since Jaccard has been vocal in public and private regarding his opposition. His statements are easy to document. Perhaps baby box leaders equate safe haven advocacy with baby drop box advocacy or believe in Big Lie Theory or are simply disingenuous. Perhaps baby drop box supporters are just incurious and enjoy being spoon-fed happy-dappy propaganda by their leaders as clueless as their followers about the tragic cause and effect of newborn discard. Or that they–leaders and followers alike–are all doing God’s will (an oft voiced belief). Boxers consistently fail to mention that Indiana baby drop boxes, the first two of which opened last month (Woodburn, Michigan City), are legally problematic under current Indiana safe haven law. Nor does the media ask. Continue Reading →

Baby Drop Boxes for Illinois? We hope not!

Speaking of babydrop boxes, the long awaited baby box bill, SB 3271, has been dropped in the Illinois Senate. The bill won’t legislate baby boxes or determine specs, but it would basicaly set up a study group to investigate the feasibility of boxes–hygienically referred to as “newborn safety incubators”– in Illinois. It’s attached to a short bill to amend the state’s safe haven law.

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