Do Michigan Adoptacrats make big bucks off of Safe Haven babies?

That, of course, could mean a state agency, but since Bethany has moved 30 babies, it suggests that babies are routinely shipped off to private adoption corporations to finish the forever family identity-stripping process.  This means that Michigan adoptacrats,  again, using the lowball figure of $30,000, have potentially glommed more than $8.5 million off of abandoned babies.  “Safe Delivery ” keeps the Great Lakes adoption cruise line afloat. Continue Reading →

LOL! Radiance Foundation Blasts Bethany Christian Services for “Wokeness:” Anti-Racist, Unchristian

Bomberger & Co has a problem with anything that reeks of racial and gender equality, economic equity, bodily autonomy, and movements to establish or restore rights, that even he himself, a bi-racial adoptee, fails to qualify for under the gaze of white supremacy. Apparently, it’s enough that We-the-Fetus has been saved, and the only right we deserve after that, is the right to be adopted. I’m not sure how someone who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about adoptee rights, can ethically promote adoption. I could have missed something, but I’ve never heard a peep about erased identities, sealed records, adoption trauma, or any other garbage that is lobbed at adopted people.  Continue Reading →

Michigan: Baby bopping and boxing with Bethany Christian Services

So why is Bethany so invested in “safe delivery” including baby boxes?   Do we really have to guess? I checked the Michigan Department of Health and  Human Services webpage  Bethany isn’t alone in this battle for babies. It’s just the biggest. Every adoption agency in the state is in the game. Continue Reading →

Things to be Grateful for During National Adoption Awareness Month: Bethany Prays for Us

Bethany, the worst Big Box Agency in the world,  has separated tens of thousands of families and now it wants to help us “grieve” over the losses it has facilitated –and made how much in the process? A $billlion?  Bethany cries, on the backs of its victims, all the way to the bank. Continue Reading →

Bethany Pimp-a-Thon, Part One: Money Changes Everything

Does anyone really believe that Bethany has switched out its 70+ year history of coerced birth and relinquishment, promotion of secret adoption, sealed birth certificates and adoption records lobbying, and overt adopteephobia for a beefed-up “global family care” mission? The “global mission” simply tugs at heartstrings of prayer warriors and the pursestrings of donors while it keeps the agency’s raison d’ etre–adoption and child profiteering– running in the background. Continue Reading →

I’m Having Their Baby: Bowling for Babies Redux

(Note: Since I changed formats, spacing has become an issue in some posts, and I can’t get it fixed)  Since I was forced back into the job market at a time when most people my age have already retired, it’s been difficult to find time to sit down and blog. After 4-10 hours+ of manual labor, the likes of which I haven’t done in 45 years, the mind numbs  thoughts of the blogosphere. But, sometimes enough is enough and the adrenalin kicks in..\To wit:  I’m Having Their Baby, Oxygen Network’s  new  voyeur docu where titillated couch consumers and Snooki fans get to watch adoption agents and their clueless customers, ie PAPs, vie for the attention and ultimate product of  pregos in trouble and  need of social engineering.. There’s not been such an uproar in AdoptionLand since Orphan hit the big screen when adoption agents, their industrial hangers-on, Christian orphan savers, politicians, paps and adopters hit the keyboards over Hollywood’s “destruction of adoption.” Bastards and birthers found the whole business amusing. I’ll be blogging more about I’m Having Their Baby (at least I plan to), but in the meantime I want to remind people that the concept of the show is Continue Reading →


The votes are in! NCFA super agency Bethany Christian Services, is recipient of the 2009 Demons in Adoption Award! Niels Hoogeveen, keeper of Pound Pup Legacy, connects lots of dots in the adoption industry cobweb in his award announcement. Please read the entire essay for a good explication of the enemy. Here is what he writes specifically about Bethany: Bethany Christian Services is also a prominent member of the Christian Alliance for Orphans, a coalition of Christian adoption agencies, foster care agencies, orphan care organizations and churches, supported by Campus Crusade for Christ and Focus on the Family. The Christian Alliance for Orphans and its programs Hope for orphans, Faces of the Forgotten, Cry of the Orphan and Orphan Sundays, aggressively market adoption through churches. Bethany Christian Services plays a major role in this movement, sponsoring training sessions to further spread the adoption gospel, motivating Christians to not only adopt children, but to adopt as many children as possible. To generate the number of adoptable children for this market expansion, the term “orphan” has undergone serious inflation over the years. Its original meaning related to children whose parents had both died. Under the influence of Christian adoption, the word now Continue Reading →


So much wingnuttery this week, and more to come. Take, Atlanta’s Peachtree Presbyterian Church. Please! On June 7, Pastor Vic Pentz, late of Princeton and Fuller Theologicals, announced to his surprised congregation his little extralegal “safe haven” plan for it. According to Ministry Today, Pentz promises that the church will care for any newborn baby that’s dropped off at the church. “I make a promise to you now and I don’t want you to keep this a secret,” Pentz said. “The Peachtree Presbyterian Church will care for any newborn baby you bring to this church. We will be the family to find a home for that child, and there’s no limit on this. You can tell your friends, and they can tell their friends. … You can tell the whole world.” If you think I’m joking, go here and download either the video or mp3 . You’ll find his offer in the last couple minutes of the ironically named Ethics of Life sermon. WARNING: Go to 54-56 minutes. The more hearty, of course, can sit through an hour of Pentz’s praise of Juno and a very odd lecture on the marginalization and shame suffered by today’s “unmarried mothers.” Must be Continue Reading →