More Thoughts, Prayers, and Shut Up! Safe Haven Baby Boxes continue to dismiss adoptees and undermine the adoptee rights movement. Just be glad you’re alive and adopted.

Well, Wednesday night (February 10) Monica Kelsey, founder of Safe Haven Baby Boxes, Inc. founder of the movement and of the box, let loose, on that question: and other “problems” presented by the likes of Senators Book and Farmer. In a 5-minute car-talk on her way to Applebee’s, she cogitated:

They said that these kids are entitled to their medical …their medical information. And this is the part that really frosts my tail. This frosts my tail when they even bring this up because as an adoptee. I would rather have my life than know who my parents are. Same thing with a baby being placed in a baby box. I can guarantee you 100% that these babies would rather have their life than know their medical history. Your argument is absurd. Continue Reading →