On Being “One of Those People:” Vote as if it matters

Voting is a civilized tool to keep order, or at least pretend to. It works well in the US despite its fakery and faults because people want it to. At least until Trump came along, lifted up the wormy rock, and crawled into the hole with the rest of the verminize. I honestly believe that we are in the last days of a civilized United States. The Darkness is coming, if not here. Continue Reading →

Of Ballots, Birth Certificates, and Bastards: A Short Discourse

Perhaps it’s about being adopted. The birth certificate is the breeder document for all other “official” government and quasi-government paperwork you may be hounded to obtain Without that certificate, you don’t exist as far as the state and its subsidiaries are concerned. The birth certificate acts as a deed of identity. Of course, in the case of adoptees, we don’t exist as our born, natural selves. We have government-approved identities and government-issued amended birth certificates that are full of lies to prove it. I once ran across the ABC of someone who was adopted as a teen by a young couple. According to the document he was born to parents who were 8 and 6 at the time. Precious! 8 million fraudulent birth certificates. Call Homeland Security! Continue Reading →