NAM/NAAM Day 17: More on Michigan. Read Rudi Owens’ Legislative Review

Rudi Owens, author of the memoir “You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are” and a Michigan adoptee rights activist, has published a good account of the November 8 public hearing and passage of the bills the next day in the House…I knew what our side’s testimony would be, so I appreciate Rudi’s summary of the irrational discriminatory and adopteephobic testimony presented by Michigan Catholic Charities lobbyist Rebecca Mastee (gee! surprise! Don’t they ever give up?) and attorney Heath Lowry, representing the Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence. Both presented archaic claims of secrecy, anonymity, state promises,” and adoptee stalkers that were disproved decades ago. Rudi writes: Continue Reading →

NAM/NAAM 2023 Day 6: How to Say Nobody Cares About Adoptee Rights Without Saying They Don’t

Yesterday I did a few legislative updates, and it really struck me while doing them–as if I didn’t already know this–that hardly anyone cares about adult adoptees or adoptee civil rights–especially those who have the “authority” to fix things legally such as policy and lawmakers. When compared to the speed which Safe Haven Baby Box legislation passes, records access for adults, even with the successes of the last couple of years, runs a very poor second. Continue Reading →

I Hate Legislation

I have never made it a secret that I hate legislation. I loathe it. I love politics, but legislation can go to the dogs. I’m not very good at it either. Too many tricks of the trade, I’ve never “gotten.” I wish there were a board of experts I could leave it to, and do my own thing via the movement. Continue Reading →

Maryland: SB 331 Defeat: Adoptee Rights is “A Bad Idea”

Once it hit the Senate floor, however, adoption imperialist warlords and ladies pushed their panic buttons. They were so aggrieved at us lifting our collective leg on them that they attempted to erase us from our own narratives and records (and thus their own minds) by hacking away with that old rusty saw of “birthmother privacy” and (gasp!) “broken government promises.” As if the government has never broken a real promise or spouted a fake one!

This, Fellow Bastards, is some of the worst dehumanizing and outlandish misinformation about adoption and Class Bastard that I’ve heard in years. Did Bill Pierce, the late founding president of the National Council for Adoption, rise from the dead and channel himself through Senator Michael Hough (R ) and his gang of merry bigoted bipartisan busybodies?  Continue Reading →

Michigan LGBT: Stop building your social desires on the backs of adoptees and our rights

Now the LGBT assimilationist community joins the state (which until very recently repressed them) in repressing the documentary and identity rights of others by demanding it create scientifically and legally spurious documents–similar to ABCs– for themselves and their children: adoptees, adoptee lites, DI’s, and creations of other high tech repro breeding schemes that create the non-traditional traditional family. Closets abhor a vacuum.

This nonsensical demand for a special favor goes even beyond sealed adoption records by demanding a charade of two same sex parents conceiving and birthing a child. It’s another layer of secret bureaucratic fiction to dig through thanks to a need to… Continue Reading →

NEW YORK: Bastard Nation’s Letter to New York Legislature. Vote NO on A2901-2015

Unaccountably, while other states are restoring the unrestricted right to OBCs, it appears that the State of New York is bent on denying its adoptees any type of civil rights and recognition. A2901A sends the message that adoptees are dangerous and need to be monitored by the government.

I have been lobbying for adoptee rights for nearly 20 years, and I can honestly say that I have never seen such an ugly, reactionary, and dangerous bill flying under the banner of “adoptee rights.” New York adoptees are better off under the current hideous law than under A2901A’s Draconian assault that turns them into the chattel of birthparents, adoptive parents, and courts.

Continue Reading →

Bastard Nation Statement on the Defeat of Texas HB 984

Unfortunately, it also contained a contact veto disguised as a “contact preference form” (CPF) that exchanged the traditional CPF language of “prefer” for the regressive “authorize,” If passed HB 984 would have enacted a discriminatory restraining order scheme against adoptees, based solely on their adopted status, for contacting birthparents without consent; thus violating adoptees right to due process and equal protection of the law Continue Reading →

Bastardette’s Letter to the Texas Senate: HB 984 Vote No!

The easy way out of this quandary would have been to amend the language of Sections B and C from “authorize” to “prefer.” This would have guaranteed the meaning of equal protection and equal treatment under law and maintain the integrity of adoptee civil rights.

Unfortunately, no such amendment was accepted. Instead, an amendment was added to the bill that places a limitation on the time frame (July 1, 2016) that a natural parent may change her or his mind mind or file a Contact Preference Form and a Medical History Form. After that date, it is in the discretion of the Registrar. Of further concern, for adoptions after July 1, 2016, it is an adoption agency, not the Registrar, that issues and collects the forms. No language in the bill provides the date for compliance and there is no oversight or penalty to an agency that fails to adhere to the law. I can think of no other state that has a CPF on the books that puts that kind of power into the hands of either the registrar or adoption agencies. Continue Reading →

Ohio: Sub SB250 passes; Ohio Right to Life tramps on first parent and adoptee rights

t’s been said that Sub SB 250 has its genesis in Mike Gonidakis’ hassle in adopting a child domestically, He has said it was easier to adopt his daughter in Guatemala than his son in Cleveland. If true, Gonidakis inconvenience zone trumps the rights of biological families to stay intact….t’s been said that Sub SB 250 has its genesis in Mike Gonidakis’ hassle in adopting a child domestically, He has said it was easier to adopt his daughter in Guatemala than his son in Cleveland. If true, Gonidakis inconvenience zone trumps the rights of biological families to stay intact. Continue Reading →