William Burroughs: A Thanksgiving Prayer–And adoptee adjunct

Bastardette has had a love affair with William Burroughs since she was 14. His A Thanksgiving Prayer is posted below.  It’s nervy, but I’ve dared to add to the Master’s Voice. I believe it fits nicely after “Thanks for a nation of finks.” Continue Reading →

Bethany Pimp-a-Thon, Part One: Money Changes Everything

Does anyone really believe that Bethany has switched out its 70+ year history of coerced birth and relinquishment, promotion of secret adoption, sealed birth certificates and adoption records lobbying, and overt adopteephobia for a beefed-up “global family care” mission? The “global mission” simply tugs at heartstrings of prayer warriors and the pursestrings of donors while it keeps the agency’s raison d’ etre–adoption and child profiteering– running in the background. Continue Reading →