National Adoption Month Presidential Proclamation 2020: Adoption and Abortion Again

The “pro-life’ forced birth mob as usual, wet-dreamed themselves. headlined: President Trump Issues Proclamation Promoting Adoption as an Alternative to Abortion” giving the impression that the proclamation was specifically about abortion, which it was not. Numerous other  Evangelical. Catholic Christian and anti-abortion news outlets as well as social media drones parroted adoption as a solution to abortion. I think they just re-wrote the White House press release to make it look like it came from them. Continue Reading →

Framed in Bigotry and Discrimination: A Look at Trump’s Executive Order: Strengthening the Child Welfare System for America’s Children

The emphasis in the Executive Order is not some abstract improvement, but the creation of a robust evangelical-coded “faith-based” equalization in child welfare. The EO promises to increase much-needed child welfare improvement not through government initiative, but through taxpayer-funded tax-exempt so-called “faith-based” partnerships with private religious child welfare organizations and corporations including churches, para-churches, and ministries. Moreover, the EO promises “faith-based “foster and adoption recruitment.” The suggests nonsensically that the lack of “faith-based partnerships” keeps children stuck in state foster care when they could be transferred to the Christian adoption market if that market were more open and available. Continue Reading →

Donald Trump’s Lawyer Jay Sekulow is an Adopteephobic Bigot

I know I’ve written about this before, but it can’t be said enough:  JAY SEKULOW IS AN ADOPTEEPHOBIC BIGOT. He believes we have no right to our OBCs and other records. But besides this general disability, he has claimed we are conniving dupes and baby killers. Yes, according to Sekulow, the adoptee rights; movement is a front for “abortion advocates.” Continue Reading →

More Swill from FRC’s Tony Perkins: Trump saves adoptees and their families

Perkins goes beyond his usual gasbigoty routine. He praises Trump for Christianizing adoption. Keeping adoption safe from Satan. That is, queer folks, single women, atheists, and people with weird religions or lifestyles while lily-white-Christian worthies such as the couple with Asian child posted with his op-ed sit in the back of the bus, Continue Reading →

National Adoption (Awareness) Month: Trump chimes in on God’s plans

I am acquainted virtually with no one in the adoption reform movement and certainly not adoptee rights/equality activism that does not hate NA(A)M. It is universally met, depending on one’s place on the adoptee ladder of rage and pain, with anger, ridicule, sarcasm, laughter, eye-rolling, disgust, grief, and trigger warnings. Continue Reading →

Welcome to the TP Express! – Bastardette’s going to the RNC

The RNC, with good reason, is getting a lot of bad press. People have asked me if I’m afraid to go . Well…no. I go back and forth about how bad the RNC will be, but afraid–no. I find it fascinating and horrifying that the RNC and presumably the DNC–or rather their federal and state surrogates– are transforming dozens of city blocks of major cities into militarized zones to protect “our” candidates and “law makers” and delegates from “us.” Doesn’t anyone see something wrong with this? Continue Reading →