Donald Trump’s Lawyer Jay Sekulow is an Adopteephobic Bigot

Like many of you, I have been watching the Trump impeachment trial. Not that I believe we will be saying bye-bye to our Liar and Chief in the near future –unless he falls down the toilet during a middle-of-the-night Tweet tantrum.  Like the poor, Trump will always be with us.

As if Trump isn’t annoying in every way possible, his choice of Jay Sekulow for his personal legal (dream) team tops it:  Jay Sekulow. Every time he shows up on my TV screen I want to smack his head with a potato.

My dislike of Sekulow goes back to the founding of the American Center for Law and Justice  (aka the Christian ACLU)  founded by TV Christo-fascist and long time political nuisance  Pat Robertson. The non-profit, theocentric legal service, in fact, is associated with Robertson’s Regent University School of Law..Sekulow serves as General Counsel when not sucking Trump’s foot.

I won’t go into Sekulow’s history here.  You can read it on wiki., but it barely scratches the surface

While I have many gripes about Sekulow, one of my biggest is his bastardphobia.

Jay Sekulow: Get away from me ,you baby killers!

I know I’ve written about this before, but it can’t be said enough:  JAY SEKULOW IS AN ADOPTEEPHOBIC BIGOT. He believes we have no right to our OBCs and other records. But besides this general disability, he has claimed we are conniving dupes and baby killers. Yes, according to Sekulow, the adoptee rights movement is a front for “abortion advocates.”

See. back in 1996, when Tennessee enacted its semi-records access law, opponents of the measure  (an adoption agency, NCFA, and anon birthmothers) ran weeping and cringing to the ACLJ for help to legally “protect “birthmothers from nosy adoptees. Like to re-seal records. This was ACLJ’s first Tennessee account, and they took a whomping. with what became known as Doe v Sundquist.

On the July 2, 1996 edition of The 700 Club, Jay Sekulow, playing to Pat Robertson’s bumpkin straight man, placing adoption and adoptee rights in the middle of the abortion wars, contended that the abortion rate would rise in relation to the rate of adoption records made available to adoptees. He even espoused a modified version of the American Life League’s abortion conspiracy theory–that is, pro-abortion organizations were going stealth or setting up front groups to push their agendas. Thus, adoptee rights activists and organizations were simply ungrateful bastards with no legitimate beefs. As non-persons, we were either knowing agents of abortion or dupes.


The significance is that we expect that those who are in favor of abortion, those in the legislature that are pro-abortion, those that are trying to get this whole abortion agenda through, were looking at the Tennessee case and say “Gee, we should do this everywhere because they picked a great name, open adoption, but…


Do you really think that they had in view more abortions and less adoption Do you really feel that?



Pat, they have had to. Can I give you tangible evidence? No, but I can give you the legal evidence. We looked at cases in the Untied States where judges from a Court of Appeals all over the country said, “this type of legislation opening up these records like this is pro-abortion.” Those were the words a court said. There’s a North Carolina Court of Appeals, Louisiana Court of Appeals, Texas Court of Appeals. These same types of bills were being put forward and the courts said, “The legislation is not pro-life. They said the opposite. They said, “This is pro-abortion This will encourage abortions and discourage adoptions.”

This exchange has long since been scrubbed from the 700 Club webpage, but I have an official hard copy transcript in my possession.

Unfortunately, various versions of this conspiracy theory are popular across cyberspace Twitter is stuffed with anti-abortion/anti-adoptee/non-adoptee “experts” on any given day telling “angry adoptees” to shut up, be grateful–or even kill themselves, but remember God loves you. State legislatures, where non-substantiated speculation that abortion rates will spike if adoptee rights are restored, retain the status quo and give a big screw you to adoptees who don’t know their place.

Of course, who knows of Sekulow and adoptee right conspiracy nuts believed one word of what they say. We are just handy nails for their hammers.

Never let it be said that things that aren’t their business aren’t their business.

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