More Swill from FRC’s Tony Perkins: Trump saves adoptees and their families

TA few days ago I wrote about the Trump administration’s decision to walk back Obama rules on adopter and foster access rights for LBGTQ. Although I quoted Family Research Council president Tony Perkins from a Hill article. I should have remembered that Perkins would never limit himself to a couple of sound bytes, and needed to spill his swill somewhere larger.

Tonight while looking for something else (more about that in a minute) I ran across a link to this article Thank you President Trump for helping Christian adoption agencies care for kids needing families in Life News (Nov, 8, 2019) or as I prefer, the alternative title (taken from a later Perkins quote found in the article:) Liberals can bully a lot of people—but thank goodness the president isn’t one of them.

Perkins goes beyond his usual gasbigoty routine. He praises Trump for Christianizing adoption. Keeping adoption safe from Satan. That is, queer folks, single women, atheists, and people with weird religions or lifestyles while lily-white-Christian worthies such as the couple with Asian child posted with his op-ed sit in the back of the bus,

Perkins cheers the Trump announcement then turns to loud groans.  The liberal politicians and the liberal press had to go and ruin the day for him and newly liberated PAPs, adopters, and children by complaining that Christian agencies would no longer be forced to play by the same rules as secular and public agencies regarding same-sex placement and receipt of taxpayer funding. He even mourns the demise of Catholic Charities as a placing agent as if the Perkins ilk considers Catholics to be Christians.

The horror! The horror!

Perkins also introduces us to Roger Brooks, the Alliance Defending Freedom attorney for the New Hope Family Services, a Christian adoption agency in Syracuse. The agency is fighting a New York State court order to force them to phase out its adoption program over same-sex placements unless they give up their faith.  (On November 5, an Appeals Court ordered a temporary injunction in its favor)  Brooks makes the astounding statement,:

New Hope’s faith-based services do nothing to interfere with other adoption providers, but banishing it means fewer kids will find permanent homes, fewer adoptive parents will ever welcome their new child, and fewer birth parents will enjoy the exceptional support that New Hope has offered for decades.

Who knew there’s a shortage of adoption agencies waiting to process the daily catch?   Are we supposed to take that claim seriously?

Or is this what it’s about?  Is the Trump proposal tied to the thousands of confiscated children at the border and now rotting in cages or in Bethany foster homes. After all , the Christian adoption industry has 16 tons of money to be made with ICE-Immigration related forced adoptions into proper homes.


And as for the page with the Perkins link…

Doctor My Eyes!

This has got to be the ugliest webpage in the world! It was ugly in 1997 when it appears to have been designed, and uglier now. Do people really actually read this kaleidoscope of chaos?  Does a real person or a deranged bot actually run it?





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