Huxley Stauffer and the Pattern of Re-homing. Making connections.

Well, no, Susan, it’s not unusual, and you know it.  Re-homing happens all the time.  Allegedly, about 25% of new adoptees are spammed back into the adoption or foster care system, but no one really has a good count since many re-homings are off-paper…Whatever the number, there are special “adoption agencies”  such as Wasatch International Adoptions /2nd Chance Adoptions, complete with Georgia Tann-like photo listings, to move the little misfits around.  Second-chance products are routinely advertised on Facebook. (Note the number of kids that appear to be international and “minority” retreads). Continue Reading →

More More More: A few words on the consumerist adoption ideology of “more”

Moved to its logical conclusion then, every parent with resources of less than fill-in-your-personal-discomfort- zone would hot house their kids at the Happy Unicorn Adoption Agency. to be handed out at the back door for $40,000  a crack. Parents who “loved us so much”  are heralded as heroes for not aborting us (and even moreso if they safe haven or baby box us) and we are ungrateful if we complain. Continue Reading →

More Swill from FRC’s Tony Perkins: Trump saves adoptees and their families

Perkins goes beyond his usual gasbigoty routine. He praises Trump for Christianizing adoption. Keeping adoption safe from Satan. That is, queer folks, single women, atheists, and people with weird religions or lifestyles while lily-white-Christian worthies such as the couple with Asian child posted with his op-ed sit in the back of the bus, Continue Reading →

Donald Trump’s Adoption Fuck You: NAAM2019 Proclamation v LBGTQ Rights

Despite Trump’s unicorn ride, the following day, November 1, just in time to kick off NAAM2019 , the Trump Department of Health and Human Services announced its intention to implement a new rule that would strip Obama-era protections for LBGTQ individuals. and couples regarding access to social services. The new rule would allow recipients of HHS grants ,including faith-based adoption agencies and foster care Continue Reading →

2 Short Questions: Memes and Matt Walsh

OK., I’m in a jam tonight. I can’t think of anything to write about that won’t take a lot of time and research,which I don’t feel like doing.  So here’s a couple of short, unrelated observations/questions.. ,

What in the world dos this meme mean? Continue Reading →

Adoption Advice from Pat Robertson: Promotes family destruction; international adoptees are “weird;” and more

oday RIghtwing.Watch posted Robertson’s latest advice on adoption during his regular 700 Club Q&A session. You never know what the dottering old fool will say: AIDS comes from towels; let’s nuke the State Department;  let’s assassinate Hugo Chavez; feminists are socialists who practice witchcraft and kill their husbands and children; Hait’s shitty economy is the fault of the devil. So today he advised a young unmarried Christian couple, who seem to be perfectly, or at least passably happy, break up and ship the baby off to an adoption agency. For everybody’s own good.  Poor people shouldn’t have babies. Continue Reading →

My Essay “Gotcha Day: Turning the Private into the Public” in today’s VIsible Magazine

Gotcha sounds like trapping a rat under the stove or grabbing up the last flat-screen TV on Black Friday at Wal-Mart. It’s a predatory term. A scary term. A cheap term. A violent term especially today with kids in cages at the Mexican border being siphoned into the Christian adoption system. Gotcha relates adoption to aggressive consumerism; and that consumerism to a public act of virtue. Continue Reading →

Notorious MLJ strikes again: MLJ Adoptions $500 Discount. Who says adoption isn’t about money?

The Indianapolis adoption agency has jump-started its annual November  #NAAM child sale. This year, the agency, long known for #NAAM commercial gimmicks to reel in customers,,is offering a  $500 discount on PAPs’ second installment payments. Continue Reading →

Baby Kaylee: Help get her back home

I won’t write much about this tonight. I do, though want to urge people to donate to the Get baby Kaylee home to her Daddy go-fund-me page. Now, I usually don’t do crowd funding pleas, but this has me up in arms, and I donated a meager amount. I wish I had more. Created only on November 19, with a goal of $20.000 the Neilson family as of this writing collected an amazing. $13,640. The family has also donated funds, but this is going to be a long, hard and costly battle. Please donate. No more Baby Veronicas. No more Justin Browns. Continue Reading →