On Adoptees, NIN, and the Vocalization of Despair

No, this new arrangement (actually, it’s 4 years old) is no joke. It is stunning. It’s the entire adoptee story. “Everyone I know goes away in the end.”- Yes. But this time built around the resounding truth that our beginning as adoptees, is our end. “Everyone I know goes away in the beginning.” Continue Reading →

National Adoption Awareness Month: #NAAM is the time to collectively dirty our hands, not throw them up.

Adoptee mouths traditionally have been gagged, during #NAAM, unless they had a nice story to tell. But in the last few years, it’s become more difficult to keep us sitting still long enough to insert the ball gag. I’ve never met an adoptee–even a happy adoptee–who likes #NAAM and its specially designated  National Adoption Day party (this year Saturday, November 23) where broods of children get their names and families switched out and birth and court records sealed.like they were tiny Henry Hills. Continue Reading →