National Adoption (Awareness) Month: Trump chimes in on God’s plans

National Adoption  (Awareness) Month, aka National Adoption Month, National Adoption Bewareness Month, National Sealed Records Month, National Child Acquisition Month,  National Smash and Grab a Kid Month, Flip the Script, and Fuck the Script  (among other names in no special order), has once again invaded our bastard safe space to remind us all just how lucky we are not to have been aborted or tossed into a dumpster or trailer park.

Originally established to promote foster and special needs adoption, NA(A)M  has devolved into adoption industry gas bag inflation, a propaganda wurlitzer churnier, and funding harvester. (I wonder how many GoFundMe adoption campaigns will open this month?) Those poor foster and special needs kids who might actually need a home but lack social or racial prestige (and are available from the state for next to nothing) have, generally speaking, gone the way the buggywhip and rotary phones. They should probably just settle for parading the plank at adoption pageant marketing fairs. Just in time for Christmas!

To no one’s surprise, Donald Trump is on board. (to be fair,  adoption is one big nonpartisan luvfest and  Reagan, Obama, the Bushes, and Clinton popped the champagne, too).

From Trump’s  National Adoption  Month Proclamation where we are glad handed.   We and our adoptive parents are part of God’s plan:

My Administration recognizes the profound importance of adoption for the American family. Adoption is a life-changing and life-affirming act that signals that no child in America — born or unborn — is unwanted or unloved. Adoptive parents are a selfless and loving part of God’s plan for their future children. As a Nation, we extend sincere appreciation and gratitude to those families who have welcomed a young person into their hearts and homes, sharing the precious gift of family and a lifetime of support…

This month, let us celebrate the gift of adoption — an act of love that provides deserving young people with the foundation they need to achieve their potential and pursue the American Dream.

Sounds like he got a prompt from Rosie God-put-you-in-the-wrong tummy-and-I had-to fix-it  O’Donnell..Obviously,  it didn’t since these two narcissistic lumps loathe each other. Trump,  didn’t write the proclamation, of course. It’s too literate for him, and I seriously doubt that (1) he gives a rat’s behind about adoption one way for the other or that (2)  he could pass a legitimate home study–at least in a sane AdoptionLand (and that he does not talk to God about anything, especially adoption. One of his faith-based hangers on does, though.

I am acquainted virtually with no one in the adoption reform movement and certainly not adoptee rights/equality activism that does not hate NA(A)M.  It is universally met, depending on one’s place on the adoptee ladder of rage and pain, with anger, ridicule, sarcasm,  laughter, eye-rolling, disgust, grief, and trigger warnings.

The celebratory month of NA(AM)  erases the so-called beneficiaries of adoption–us–from the screen  Unless. of course, we are cute pink and blue cuddlies whose origins and pasts (despite the prevalence of so-called open adoption) are and continue to be wiped out by archaic sealed records laws and institutional secrecy.  If adoption is so great, why are our OBC and other records sealed and we are looked upon as a bed wetters and potential ax murderers if we ask for them? I don’t think we can expect to see NA(A)M, Trump, the adoption industry,or its forced birth and civil libertarian friends and subsidiaries demand unrestricted records access for all adoptees during their annual pimpathon.

It’s up to us!

In the past  I and other adoptee equality activists and organizers, have worked to subvert NA(A)M proaganda and take back adoption in our name by posting every day in November.   Adoption is about us, afterall.   I fell behind a couple years ago due to personal circumstances, I am going to try my best to make it this year,

There is so much to write about: this month: the discriminatory Stark./Urlaub bill in Florida, the leave-everybody behind bill in NYS,  adoption deform/ers and Benedict Bastards,, alliance/coalition building, the resurgence  of safe haven dumping campaigns, the latest legal misadventures of the Mad Massachusetts Morriseys, movies and  TV  (anybody watching the Jason-Jason-Franco  fueled- by- adoption storyline on General Hospital?), adoptee deportations. Bastards are everywhere.

Already I am rushed since I need go to work out-of-town at 4 AM, so I am using today’s post as an intro. Hopefully better days will come.Join us us. Blog, write letters to the editor and make comments on your local papers and other media, post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media. Don’t let the industry win. Be proud bastards!


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