Bastard Nation Letter to PEI Assembly: Reject Bill No, 29

Bill No. 29 clearly holds PEI’s adopted citizens to a greater set of birth record access requirements than the not-adopted who can access their record for the asking, Disclosure and contact vetoes, fines and jails cells all go against best practice adoption standards. These provisions are not only insulting to PEI’s adoptees but are cruel and ugly. They pathologize adoptees and adoption as a social institution. They make adoption and adoptees shameful and suggest to the public that we are dangerous. Continue Reading →

More Swill from FRC’s Tony Perkins: Trump saves adoptees and their families

Perkins goes beyond his usual gasbigoty routine. He praises Trump for Christianizing adoption. Keeping adoption safe from Satan. That is, queer folks, single women, atheists, and people with weird religions or lifestyles while lily-white-Christian worthies such as the couple with Asian child posted with his op-ed sit in the back of the bus, Continue Reading →