I’m Having Their Baby: Bowling for Babies Redux

(Note: Since I changed formats, spacing has become an issue in some posts, and I can’t get it fixed)  Since I was forced back into the job market at a time when most people my age have already retired, it’s been difficult to find time to sit down and blog. After 4-10 hours+ of manual labor, the likes of which I haven’t done in 45 years, the mind numbs  thoughts of the blogosphere. But, sometimes enough is enough and the adrenalin kicks in..\To wit:  I’m Having Their Baby, Oxygen Network’s  new  voyeur docu where titillated couch consumers and Snooki fans get to watch adoption agents and their clueless customers, ie PAPs, vie for the attention and ultimate product of  pregos in trouble and  need of social engineering.. There’s not been such an uproar in AdoptionLand since Orphan hit the big screen when adoption agents, their industrial hangers-on, Christian orphan savers, politicians, paps and adopters hit the keyboards over Hollywood’s “destruction of adoption.” Bastards and birthers found the whole business amusing. I’ll be blogging more about I’m Having Their Baby (at least I plan to), but in the meantime I want to remind people that the concept of the show is Continue Reading →


Isn’t this just peachy! Rick Armon, at the Akron Beacon Journal writes yesterdaythat our favorite Ohio agency, A Child’s Waiting, is not only still IN business but suing the state for $25,000+ in damages claiming Ohio refused to live up to its end of the deal when it booted the Skank Sisters (Jennifer Marando and Crissy Kolarik). I check ACW’s page periodically and saw that it was still in business. You’d never think that they’d been ordered out of the day-to-day operation and to stop taking new cases. Not sure if they got their new board, but I doubt it. Armon says amongst the findings of the Ohio Jobs and Family Services: • The agency took on three additional cases when not permitted. • It failed to submit required monthly reports for children in its custody. • Owners didn’t step away from daily operations as required. ”This case involves an adoption agency that is unwilling or unable to keep track of the children within its care,” state attorneys wrote in response to the injunction. Armon interviewed me a couple weeks ago for an unrelated story that’s not up yet, and told he’d noticed when he drove by, their sign was Continue Reading →


I just got off the phone with the legal services office at Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services. The June 16th A Child’s Waiting hearing (postponed from June 2) has been canceled. ACW, the Skank Sisters, and ODJFS have reached a “settlement agreement.” The person I spoke with said the paperwork is being processed and she didn’t know what the settlement entailed. The hearing did not involve the Bennett case. I think it is pretty safe to say that ACW isn’t the dead duck it should be. I suppose there are some sanctions, but what? I’ll reserve judgment on the whole thing until I can learn more. It seems clear though, that running an adoption agency out of business in Ohio is impossible. When I hear something, I’ll let you know.


I went down to 30 E. Broad this morning for the first day of the 3-week Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services ACW licensing hearing and learned it has been postponed until June 16. The person I spoke with informed me that there is “talk of a settlement.” In AdoptaLingo that probably means a license revocation won’t happen, but a suspension might. But maybe not! Stay tuned for more!


This morning I was eating breakfast on my front porch, reading our neighborhood newspaper, The Booster. Past the news of the Clintonville Area Commission elections, police reports, and way too much high school sports comes a full page Mothers’ Day ad: Thank You Mom…for Life. The ad contains a couple pictures of white newborns and a long list of Northwest Columbus Catholic Churches and individual members in each parish who “proclaim our commitment to the sanctity of Human Life” The page is paid for by Columbus Right to Life, Bethesda Post-Abortion Outreach and A CHILD’S WAITING. Yes you read that right! A Child’s Waiting. Who knew that the Skank Sisters, Jenny and Crissy (owners of ACW), were so devout? I bet they go to Mass five times a week: Give us your baybees, lest our business die! It takes real chutzpah for an adoption agency with 40 violations and a 3-week ODJFS licence revocation hearing coming up in June, not to mention the Bennett lawsuit (and here and here), to link itself to Columbus Right to Life. Have they no shame? (You don’t have to answer!) Does Columbus Right to Life have a clue to ACW’s troubles with the law? Continue Reading →


I will continue coverage of the Stephanie Bennett case. For previous posts, please scroll directly below this one. I’ll be away for a few days working on a research project, but I wanted to say a couple things about the Blogging Blitz for Evelyn. It’s been an honor to be part of this historic endeavour. No adoption ideology was required. Bloggers could believe adoption is the best thing since Jif or the worse thing since the Battle of the Marne. One’s position in adoption didn’t matter: adoptee, first parent, adoptive parent, activist, bystander…just as long as you cared what happens to a family torn asunder by an uncontrolled “child placing” industry. Some blogs were eloquent, some clumsy, some angry, some thoughtful. Some focused on Stephanie and Evelyn Bennett, some on the rot that defines Adoption USA. Some bloggers only posted the timeline; others surfed the ‘net in search of new information about A Child’ Waiting. The common denominator: outrage and care. About 135 bloggers participated in the blitz. Origins USA and Third Mom list and link many of them. I haven’t read all of the blogs, but I thought I’d share some that resonated with me. In no particular order: Continue Reading →