Do Michigan Adoptacrats make big bucks off of Safe Haven babies?

That, of course, could mean a state agency, but since Bethany has moved 30 babies, it suggests that babies are routinely shipped off to private adoption corporations to finish the forever family identity-stripping process.  This means that Michigan adoptacrats,  again, using the lowball figure of $30,000, have potentially glommed more than $8.5 million off of abandoned babies.  “Safe Delivery ” keeps the Great Lakes adoption cruise line afloat. Continue Reading →

The Adoption Fee in Privatized Safe Haven Cases: What is it?

This procedure bothers me for a lot of reasons, but here’s the question.  Do these adoption agencies charge their clients the usual $20,000-$50,000 or do they have a contract or agreement with the state to utilize the cut-rate DCS fee? I have this eccentric idea that most parents who use the SH system didn’t intend for their babies to be sold on the open market by adoption agents. I have this eccentric idea that nobody wants to talk about the $$$ issue. Continue Reading →

Corona Baby: Dump That Pandemic Baby Now!

Exhausted by Corona Virus, social distancing, masks, Trump-tweets, locked down beauty salons, restaurants beaches and bars? Gun-toting cosplayers demanding to practice their Constitutional right to make you sick? Murdered for being Black? Cop riots? And now you’ve got a cranky new baby on your hands. Never fear! There is a solution. Baby Safe Haven. Continue Reading →