AdoptaLeaks: Pound Pup Scores JCICS Board Minutes

I haven’t had a chance to read these yet, but Niels Hoogeveen at Pound Pup Legacy has made a real score: the Minutes of all JCICS board meetings June 17, 2005-August 26, 2009. As Niels points out, somebody forgot to shut the door. They were available through a members only page that… ummm… somebody left open. Roelle Post has written a follow-up on interesting notations on Romania. I’m sure many more comments will come. Watch it, Neils! Our national security thugs will be knocking on your door soon. They’re not Demons of Adoption for nothin‘ You are a True Bastard God! ADDENDA: March 16, 2011: I heard from Niels over the weekend. He wants to clarify that he did not score these documents himself. Pound Pup was informed of the JCISC security leak and it was simply uploaded to the PP page. I want to reiterate, though that Pound Pup is an absolute top-notch source for those of us researching adoption.


The votes are in! NCFA super agency Bethany Christian Services, is recipient of the 2009 Demons in Adoption Award! Niels Hoogeveen, keeper of Pound Pup Legacy, connects lots of dots in the adoption industry cobweb in his award announcement. Please read the entire essay for a good explication of the enemy. Here is what he writes specifically about Bethany: Bethany Christian Services is also a prominent member of the Christian Alliance for Orphans, a coalition of Christian adoption agencies, foster care agencies, orphan care organizations and churches, supported by Campus Crusade for Christ and Focus on the Family. The Christian Alliance for Orphans and its programs Hope for orphans, Faces of the Forgotten, Cry of the Orphan and Orphan Sundays, aggressively market adoption through churches. Bethany Christian Services plays a major role in this movement, sponsoring training sessions to further spread the adoption gospel, motivating Christians to not only adopt children, but to adopt as many children as possible. To generate the number of adoptable children for this market expansion, the term “orphan” has undergone serious inflation over the years. Its original meaning related to children whose parents had both died. Under the influence of Christian adoption, the word now Continue Reading →


Obviously, I’ve been away again Not really away away, just working on some other projects. Today, I want to point you to Pound Pup’s Niels Hoogeveen’s skewering of Harvard AdoptaMaven Elizabeth Bartholet. Never has Bastardette taken such satisfaction is seeing one of our major child redistribution globalists and corruption apolgists so deservedly BBQ’d and served on a platter. Here’s a couple excerpts from Are interational adoption critics really wrong? … Ms. Bartholet doesn’t consider adoption to take place as a child welfare activity, but as something part of the legal system. Formally that is not necessarily incorrect. In the end adoption passes a judge, but it ignores the fact that most of the activities in adoption have nothing to do with the legal system. The acquisition of customers, the allocation of adoptable children, the preparation and screening of prospective adopters, all of that has nothing to do with the legal system, but are part and parcel of every adoption. So the abuses that take place in inter-country adoption cannot singularly be placed as part of the abuses of the legal system in general. On top of that two wrongs do not make one right. Abuses in the legal system are Continue Reading →


It’s that time again! The Third Annual Demons in Adoption Awards ballot is now online. This is your opportunity, as one bludgeoned by adoption, to vote for your favorite adopta thief, babyseller, flim-flamist, money launderer, or bunco artist, all from the comfort of your own home or office. We are disappointed that CARE founder Jean Stauss didn’t make the final cut. We noted with amusement earlier this year that some anonymous bastard (not yours truly) nominated the rights-down-the-river seller and all-around Benedict Bastard for this prestigious honor. We were looking forward to the opportunity to vote for Strauss, the American Adoption Congress’ 2009 Emma Vilardi Humanitarian Award. Funny, how one organization’s humanitarian is another organization’s demon. Still, we have so many good choices left that we shall have to pray about it before we hit the key. It’s a tuffy! Here’s the official press release from Pound Pup, sponsor of the awards: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE************************************************************* Each year Pound Pup Legacy presents the Demons of Adoption Award to raise a voice against adoption propaganda and the self congratulatory practices of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute’s annual Angels in Adoption Awards (TM) Until October 30 you will have the opportunity to Continue Reading →