Welcome to Legislation 2022 Hell!

Dear Bastards and Friends: Happy New Year! Welcome to Bastard Nation Legislation 2022 Hell! The Bastard Nation Legislation 2022 page is now up. The political outlook hasn’t changed much from 2021. Granted, Connecticut did free up its OBCs and Massachusetts continued to move forward on its lumbering road to victory, but other than that, 2021 was a disappointing, frustrating, dreary year. Arizona went weird, Maryland zilched, and deformers continued to stumble their baby booties through their own muck. Safe Haven Baby Box bills and Baby Boxes continued to flare up like herpes under the banner of “women demand anonymity,” the feel-good alternative for politicians who cringe over “adoptees demand rights.” Even more dismal, legislatures, blaming Covid, made discovering how to submit written testimony or to present remote or in-person an often unsuccessful endurance test. Bastard Nation, of course, continues our battle. Many state legislatures have yet to open. So far, though, we have several carry-over bills from last year. Most important of those is Massachusetts.HB2394. The bill passed the House last year and now is ensconced in the Senate, where it allegedly has no detractors, We’ll see. The bill is only two sentences long, so lawmakers can’t complain that they Continue Reading →

NAM 2021 is Done and Gone. Now the real work begins–again!

As I wrote earlier, I was stuck without internet access from November 28-30, and couldn’t post.  But I have this ridiculous sense of duty when it comes to blogging every day for NAM, so I’ve backtracked and backdated to complete the month, to make it look like it’s real. I suppose that’s some kind of a lie, but isn’t that what adoption is all about? It’s certainly no worse than sealed birth certificates, forged new ones, or the lie these happy adoptive parents I  saw at the Dollar General the other day,  are perpetuating by calling themselves Horses when they are really Unicorns. I IrefuI refuse to feel guilty Unfortunately, while NAM is gone, its curse remains. We have a lot to work on. The most important things right now are two new issues. It never stops: (1)  organizing against Justice Amy Coney Barretts’s pawning and dehumanizing of Class Bastard during the Roe hearing a few days ago, and her promotion of  Safe Haven and Safe Haven Baby Box laws as alternatives to abortion. This bullshit has a long history that I’ve written about and will elaborate on more in the next weeks.  Adopted people will not let people like Continue Reading →

Michigan: Baby bopping and boxing with Bethany Christian Services

So why is Bethany so invested in “safe delivery” including baby boxes?   Do we really have to guess? I checked the Michigan Department of Health and  Human Services webpage  Bethany isn’t alone in this battle for babies. It’s just the biggest. Every adoption agency in the state is in the game. Continue Reading →

Covid Chaos: New Jersey DCFS Urges Women to Safe Haven Their Babies

It’s been interesting, if not predictable, to watch the mission of Safe Haven laws shift from saving newborns from the occasional psychotic, dissociative, drug-addled, in-denial, or scared parent who they believe would otherwise, discard or murder their newborn without the option of  Safe Haven anonymous abandonment (even if as it turns out those are the parents who don’t use the option*) into a solution for temporary Covid hardship and displacement. Continue Reading →

Blasting Back from the Past: NJRTL Marie Tasy claims abortion rights “negate effectiveness of safe haven laws”

So, according to Crazy Tasy New Jersey’s safe haven law will become totally useless if the bill is passed since all those there-but-for-the-grace-of-safe-haven go neonaticiders will just march off to the abortorium instead of the ER or corner firehouse. Tasy really doesn’t like women much. Continue Reading →

Just Another NAAMDay. Indiana gets its 10th Boxed Baby

Safe Haven Baby Boxes bagged–or should I say boxed– its 10th Indiana newborn a few days ago. No details have been released. The only way we know about this is that SHBB founder Monica Kelsey posted a tease on her Facebook page, and then discussed the event briefly on her Tuesday evening FB chat. Continue Reading →

Baby Drop Boxes: Even safe haven advocates oppose

That baby box advocates continue to imply that AMT-COH supports this archaic and draconian practice is politically inept if not stupid. These claims baffle me since Jaccard has been vocal in public and private regarding his opposition. His statements are easy to document. Perhaps baby box leaders equate safe haven advocacy with baby drop box advocacy or believe in Big Lie Theory or are simply disingenuous. Perhaps baby drop box supporters are just incurious and enjoy being spoon-fed happy-dappy propaganda by their leaders as clueless as their followers about the tragic cause and effect of newborn discard. Or that they–leaders and followers alike–are all doing God’s will (an oft voiced belief). Boxers consistently fail to mention that Indiana baby drop boxes, the first two of which opened last month (Woodburn, Michigan City), are legally problematic under current Indiana safe haven law. Nor does the media ask. Continue Reading →