Adoptee-Only Online Network Event – November 16, 2022

On November 16, Bastard Nation’s friend and (various) adoptee rights coalition partner, The Adoption and Foster Care Family Coalition of New York is holding an online adoptee-only night of networking. It is open to all adopted people in any state–activists, search angels professionals in adoption and child welfare. Continue Reading →

Happy Day in Massachusetts: Black Hole is Gone! OBCs Unsealed for All!

Today, HB 2284/S1146 the bill that restores the right of all Massachusetts-born adoptees to obtain their Original Birth Certificates without the restriction, goes into effect. Until today Massachusetts adoptees born between July 17, 1974, and January 1, 2008, were tossed in a black hole by a series of archaic laws that kept their records sealed except by court order. Those born before and after those dates enjoyed full and unrestricted access to them.No reasonable explanation was ever given for this nonsense… Continue Reading →

Why is Safe Haven Baby Boxes Inc So Afraid of Adoptees?

Class Bastard—the Adopted—to the minds of the baby box tycoonery poses some kind of existential threat to their evangelical stampede through America to normalize baby-abandonment-by-box-in-the-wall. Class Bastard (and I) are not on their politically correct page. Objecting to baby boxes turns adoption saviorism of all creeds and colors on its head disrupting the adoption mythology and mythological uses of adopted people in a patriarchal culture. And for that, box pushers have no reputable answer other than to claim we are disturbed, had a “bad experience” in adoption, “just want dead babies,” or the most popular accusation, “hate adoption.” Now go stand in the corner, you ungrateful little bastard! Continue Reading →

Bastard Nation Stands in Solidarity: Transgender Day of Remembrance

No one knows the exact number, but thousands of queer and trans young people are lost, figuratively and literally, in the broken corrupt foster and adoption systems and what follows. They are subject to harassment, physical, sexual and emotional abuse, social isolation, incarceration, depression, suicide ideation, stigma, bullying, exploitation, violence, and rejection by bio families as well as foster and adoptive ones. They and their families, who do stand with them, are increasingly subjected to family policing through Draconian rules, regulations, and laws pushed by “conservatives,” Christian Nationalists, and traditional family values politicians and special interest groups. (Oten the same groups that oppose adoptee rights in general.) They are ignored by the very “child protective system” and so-called care communities–public, private, and increasingly corporatized– that are supposed to protect and nurture them. Continue Reading →

Don’t Poke the Bear! We Poke Back: National Adoption/National Adoption Awareness Month 2022

November! That time of the year again! The time for National Adoption Month otherwise known as National Adoption Awareness Month otherwise known as National Adoption Bewareness Month otherwise known as Adoption Sucks Month otherwise known as National Sealed Birth Certificate Month otherwise known as Be Grateful You Weren’t Tossed in the Dumpster Month ad infinitum. I am sure that some somnambulant adoptees are headed out to Party City for their celebratory hats and horns and cake decorations (you know who you are), but outside of that deviant minority, no one else is amused about being poked. We poke back and we don’t fool around. Continue Reading →

Do Michigan Adoptacrats make big bucks off of Safe Haven babies?

That, of course, could mean a state agency, but since Bethany has moved 30 babies, it suggests that babies are routinely shipped off to private adoption corporations to finish the forever family identity-stripping process.  This means that Michigan adoptacrats,  again, using the lowball figure of $30,000, have potentially glommed more than $8.5 million off of abandoned babies.  “Safe Delivery ” keeps the Great Lakes adoption cruise line afloat. Continue Reading →

Good Reading Series: Adoption, Family Separation & Preservation, and Reproductive Justice

When Roe v Wade falls, the entire adoptee rights movement will be fucked…In the meantime…This week the Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics at Harvard Law School issued a collection of kick-ass blogs on its Bill of Health site regarding adoptees, adoption, abortion, and Safe Haven laws, and the expected demise of Roe by SCOTUS.  Continue Reading →

New Mexico: Politicians want to charge taxpayers for Safe Haven Baby Boxes

Now comes New Mexico Senator David Gallegos (R) and Leo Jaramillo (D) with bills to foist off the cost of boxes onto the taxpayer.(SB168/HB157 ) with an appropriation of $330,000 to buy a box to place in all 33 counties and another $70,000 for promotion and education. (Teaching your 12-year old how to stick a baby in a box so you’ll never know).  The Associated Press reported  (picked up by other media) that the appropriation is $1 million, but there is nothing in the bills that hit that mark. (Should we expect an amendment to boost more out of the taxpayer purse?) The boxes cost about $16,000 each, which comes to $528,000 Since Espanola is about to officially open a self-funded/doated box, without a state law, that takes it down to $512,000. Groupon anyone? Continue Reading →

Join Bastardette on “What’s Next: The Adoptee Rights Podcast”

Please join Greg Luce and me for the premiere edition of What’s Next: The Adoptee Rights Podcast. I am thrilled to be his first guest. We cover an array of subjects including the upcoming legislative year, coalition building, Safe Haven Baby Boxes, Bill Pierce, the History of Bastard Nation, and adoptee rights movement history retention–or lack thereof. How typical is that? Even our movement history is a blank slate! We are freaking 69 years old for Pete’s sake, and lots of adopted people still don’t know the movement exists. And, then there’s those deform toxics who declare that “rights” activists are malfeasants that ruin it for everybody. Continue Reading →

NAM 2021 is Done and Gone. Now the real work begins–again!

As I wrote earlier, I was stuck without internet access from November 28-30, and couldn’t post.  But I have this ridiculous sense of duty when it comes to blogging every day for NAM, so I’ve backtracked and backdated to complete the month, to make it look like it’s real. I suppose that’s some kind of a lie, but isn’t that what adoption is all about? It’s certainly no worse than sealed birth certificates, forged new ones, or the lie these happy adoptive parents I  saw at the Dollar General the other day,  are perpetuating by calling themselves Horses when they are really Unicorns. I IrefuI refuse to feel guilty Unfortunately, while NAM is gone, its curse remains. We have a lot to work on. The most important things right now are two new issues. It never stops: (1)  organizing against Justice Amy Coney Barretts’s pawning and dehumanizing of Class Bastard during the Roe hearing a few days ago, and her promotion of  Safe Haven and Safe Haven Baby Box laws as alternatives to abortion. This bullshit has a long history that I’ve written about and will elaborate on more in the next weeks.  Adopted people will not let people like Continue Reading →