NAM 2021 is Done and Gone. Now the real work begins–again!

As I wrote earlier, I was stuck without internet access from November 28-30, and couldn’t post.  But I have this ridiculous sense of duty when it comes to blogging every day for NAM, so I’ve backtracked and backdated to complete the month, to make it look like it’s real. I suppose that’s some kind of a lie, but isn’t that what adoption is all about? It’s certainly no worse than sealed birth certificates, forged new ones, or the lie these happy adoptive parents I  saw at the Dollar General the other day,  are perpetuating by calling themselves Horses when they are really Unicorns.

I IrefuI refuse to feel guilty

Unfortunately, while NAM is gone, its curse remains. We have a lot to work on. The most important things right now are two new issues. It never stops:

(1)  organizing against Justice Amy Coney Barretts’s pawning and dehumanizing of Class Bastard during the Roe hearing a few days ago, and her promotion of  Safe Haven and Safe Haven Baby Box laws as alternatives to abortion. This bullshit has a long history that I’ve written about and will elaborate on more in the next weeks.  Adopted people will not let people like Coney Barrett –and there’s a lot of them–deny us our rights and someone else’s rights in OUR NAME along the way.

(2)  re-introduction of the federal Children in Family Security Act.,  a re-hash of the old CHIFF, designed to promote cross-country adoption as part of US Department of State policy. aka feed the international adoption mill. I wrote quite a bit about CHIFF seven years ago, and you can find more by keying  “CHIFF”  into the Daily Bastardette search box. Both proposals are pernicious.

Writing every day in November killed my time to work on the three projects. listed below, and I need to get on top of them fast:

(3) finally get my Stop Safe Haven Baby Boxes webpage up.  It has 67 pages so far and is in pretty good shape, but still needs some work.

(4)  finish my long article on the Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn movement in Ohio.

(5) and, of course, the usual crap.


Day 30 of 30–
0 to go



2 Replies to “NAM 2021 is Done and Gone. Now the real work begins–again!”

  1. Thanks for your blog posts and work to promote rights of adopted people.
    Baby Box laws certainly seem to me like a backdoor to hiding the identies of children forever — It could be like money laundering, except the money is innocent kids.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Wow!!! Enjoyed your honest emotional posts! Found your site accidentally & am thrilled. I am 1 of 4 siblings adopted by a army captain, pediatric RN, bipolar abusive woman not even close to being a mother. My younger brother lost his mind during r adoption & spent his life living on the streets. My younger sisters lying alcoholics. Me I was 6 when adopted but self thought thru my why she couldn’t love me’s & realized I was important & learned to understand & love myself. Of course I have flashbacks but now realize none of the abuse was my fault. Never got an answer from either self absovered narcissistic adopted “parent”. Don’t need an explanation! So glad I found my way. Wish my younger siblings could have been “saved” but I have done what I can when I could & feel good about all I could @ the time. By the way, I found my Bio- parents, my father was living only 3 blocks from my home! Amazing how small & wonderful this world can b despite all we’ve been through. The fact that these highly educated ppl were who should have never been allowed to adopt did is a common example of r adoption society. I called the adoption agency 50+ yrs later & had a long & many conversations w/catholic children’s about the abuse they placed 5 children in because of who these ppl knew. Amen Sister, Amen!

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