Happy Day in Massachusetts: Black Hole is Gone! OBCs Unsealed for All!

Today, HB 2284/S1146 the bill that restores the right of all Massachusetts-born adoptees to obtain their Original Birth Certificates without the restriction, goes into effect. Until today Massachusetts adoptees born between July 17, 1974, and January 1, 2008, were tossed in a black hole by a series of archaic laws that kept their records sealed except by court order. Those born before and after those dates enjoyed full and unrestricted access to them.No reasonable explanation was ever given for this nonsense… Continue Reading →

Massachusetts House passes H2294. Now it’s the Senate’s turn! Adoptee rights move forward

Today the Massachusetts House passed H2294,  (Senate version s 1440) a bill to restore the right of all Massachusetts-born adoptees to their original birth certificates.  Current Massachusetts law allows adoptees in the state to obtain their original birth certificates without conditions or  restrictions at age 18 if they were adopted on or before July 17, 1974, or on or after January 1, 2008., This bill unseals records for those adopted between July 18, 1974, and December 31, 2008. Continue Reading →

Massachusetts: Deb Goldberg’s bizarre political ad. “When you adopt you learn deep down that everything in life depends on opportunity.”

I understand that Goldberg is pandering to the adoptive client crowd and its fan base, but why bother? I mean, who cares? And it’s particularly insulting since Massachusetts, no matter what you hear from its homegrown adoption deformers, is not a free state. OBCs between July 17 1974-January 1, 2008 are still held hostage by the state. If adoption is going to be a pandered dear-to-the-heart object in Goldberg’s campaign, then why not say as Treasurer she’ll support and work hard to loose those records from the greedy hands of the state. State Treasurers do have political pull after all. Continue Reading →

Somone is Stealing the Baby Safe Haven Signs of Boston!

Bastardette has gotten hi-jacked and backlogged. I’m trying to catch up. I’ll start with something short. ****** Right before I left for the ASAC conference at MIT in May, They Whose Names Must Not Be Said sent a comment (unpublished) to the Daily Bastaradette regarding the outrageous theft of several Baby Safe Haven signs that mar the Boston and environs landscape. The ones that point “frightened” teens with no names to the nearest baby dump site. Included with the note was a link to a Boston Herald, story, Baby Safe Haven signs mysteriously go missing. The article, except for the first two paragraphs, the not-to-be-missed reader comments, and a picture of wowzsy BSH spokes-singer Rene Marcou freezing her bazooms off in front of a fire station, is in the Herald’s paid archives now. (photo Mattthew West, Boston Herald). I’ve got the original, and now you can have the lowdown: Three “Baby Safe haven” signs stripped from street poles near local hospitals have left advocates baffled over how, when and why they were removed…. …[the signs] are not just vital signposts, they have “historical significance“because they helped draw both local and worldwide attention to the Safe Haven law, which has saved Continue Reading →


Early this morning, Mr. or Mrs. Morrisey (probably Mrs.) hiding under the cloak of “anonymity” attempted to post a comment here regarding yesterday’s entry. The fact that for the last 2 1/2 years the couple has been banned from posting on The Daily Bastardette hasn’t stopped them from sending dozens of traceable comments to me. All their snark-bombs have been archived. I suppose one of these days I should post an anthology, complete with 4-letter explicatives, for reader amusement. But today, I am breaking my own rule and posting this morning’s M comment: The baby has its full medical and familial history due to the SH law, so this is a positive outcome! As usual, the Ms and their ilk miss the point: ODJFS/DJFS is abusing Ohio’s “safe haven” law. The state, in essence from what we can tell, has unilaterally and administratively amended Ohio’s “safe haven” law; created a post facto defense hatch for women who lie to police. The Passewitz abandonment was a hoax. If Ms. Passewitz intended to legally dump her baby via “safe haven,” she made no effort to do so at the time of her 911 call. She did not, in the ill-chosen words of Continue Reading →


We sadly mark the loss of another long-time activist, Libbi Campbell. Libbi died July 4 of complications from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I knew about her passing, but that’s about it. Today’s Boston Globe features an article on Libbi and her work Elizabeth Campbell; counselor fought to change adoption laws. I met Libbi only a couple times, the last time at the 2007 ACONE conference, where she staffed a CUB table, though I was familiar with her for years through CUB. Here is an excerpt from the Globe article: When she was not helping teens deal with curveballs that life threw their way, she was often working on a political issue she held dear: changing adoption laws. Since the late 1970s, she was the regional coordinator for Concerned United Birthparents, a support group for birth parents. More recently, she successfully lobbied for the passage of state legislation that increases access to birth records by adoptees. “It didn’t get reduced to something that was just words on paper,” herdaughter Kiera of Arlington said. “She was thrilled to see that.” Her work over the years to promote awareness of the issues facing birth parents earned her several awards. In April, her doctor let her Continue Reading →


Jean Morrisey has once again locked her MySpace page. My immense network of international internet spies informed me earlier this evening that the new private profile was tagged: Baby Safe Haven New England This Page Is Closed Due To Privacy Invasion By An Extremest Group!!!! That must refer to Bastardette and Adoptee Jane. No doubt reporter Ian Murphy, his editor, and the Lexington Police Department will soon be added to this vast internet privacy- invading conspiracy. As of this writing the private profile tag reads: Baby Safe Haven New England Police Reports ARE NOT Public Information Concerning Minors Medical Information… Wrong Again Bastardette!!! Since I have never posted, nor have even attempted to post, on the Baby Safe Haven New England MySpace page or any Morrisey space (why would I?) this must confuse Ms. Morrisey’s My Space friends. Who is Bastardette and why is Jean saying these things to her? But since the page is privatized, maybe she’s blogging about me and they know all? What high crime and misdemeanors have I committed to engender such notoriety? (1) I posted a complete news article, with link, published by Gatehouse News Service on the recent arrest of Ms. Morrisey. (2) I Continue Reading →


I really like to let people speak in their own words The truth is oh-so more interesting than fantasy or what we want to believe. Today, Jean Morrisey’s MySpace page was unlocked and back to normal–the vulgar threat to the press removed. But never fear The threat has been replaced by a blog where Ms, Morrisey explains what happened at her home on June 4, and takes the local media to task. Apparently, the editor isn’t real impressed with BSH or them. He must be removed! BTW, police report are public information. Go here for the latest.


Maybe he shoulda been safe havened. From the Make My Day department: Baby Safe Haven advocate charged with domestic assaultBy Ian B. MurphyGateHouse News ServicePosted Jun 11, 2008 @ 05:52 PM ——————————————————————————– LEXINGTON, Mass. —Lexington resident Jean Morrisey, the co-founder of Baby Safe Haven New England, was arraigned on charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon at Concord District Court last week. According to police reports, officers arrived at Morrisey’s home after her juvenile son called 911 June 4. Morrisey allegedly threw a drinking glass which hit her son in the head. He was treated at Winchester Hospital for a one-and-a-half inch cut. Morrisey was arraigned June 5 at Concord District Court and was released under the condition that no further abuse occurs. Michael Morrisey, Jean Morrisey’s husband, said their son was “released back to our custody in a matter of hours.” According to the police report, a nurse at Winchester Hospital recommended the juvenile spend the night in the hospital’s care. The report also said the original argument between mother and son started over a bottle of shampoo. Baby Safe Haven New England is an organization to promote the baby safe haven law, which was enacted in Continue Reading →