Adoptee-Only Online Network Event – November 16, 2022

If you are adopted and working/volunteering in adoptee and foster care rights and child welfare, and are being driven to distraction and despair–or worse–then check this out.

On November 16, Bastard Nation’s friend and (various) adoptee rights coalition partner,  The Adoption and Foster Care Family Coalition of New York is holding an online adoptee-only night of networking. It is open to all adopted people in any state–activists, search angels professionals in adoption and child welfare.  Bastard Nation Executive  Committee member Annette O’Connell is one of the facilitators. Below is the intro of what to expect. Go to the event page to register.

Professional Adoptees Network

Are you an adopted adult who works or volunteers within the field of adoption and/or child welfare? It’s time we reinvest in our own mental health. Let’s get together to talk, laugh, vent, maybe even scream about the emotional labor that goes into being a professional in this arena. Let’s face it…it ain’t easy. We want to know what’s on your mind and if there are any emotional landmines you, too, find yourself stumbling over. It will be a relaxed, open forum, where we can sit with each other as we navigate the intersections of our personal and professional lived experiences. 

Our thought behind Professional Adoptees Network (PAN) is that being around those who get it shouldn’t be like panning for gold. Facilitated by Chester Jackson and Annette O’Connell.  Join us! Let’s talk!!

This event is ONLY for adopted adults who work or volunteer in the field of adoption/child welfare. 

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