What I Found on Parler: Adoption, the Adoption Industry, and Katie Jay, Esq. A Little Adoption History Lesson

But…No Gladney, No Bethany. No Holt. Not that I expected them to be. Parler is the home of adoption bottom feeders and hacks not the “respectable” class.,,,,CHIFF pimps promoted kinship dissolution, the shuttering of group homes and orphanages such as operated by UNICEF and Children’s Village in disadvantaged overseas populations. They created a narrative of false humanitarianism in order to make international adoption “easier” for America’s desperate and childless. Not surprisingly, CHIFF shills rejected all attempts of input by both domestic and international adoptees and other critical stakeholders. Leading the pack was Katie Jay who called us– gasp!– “socialists” while simultaneously promoting state-directed appropriation and redistribution of the other people’s wealth (children) to those they regarded socially and biologically needy but worthy. Those across the adoption landscape who dared to oppose the legislation—or even ask questions—were summarily banned from discussion groups and smeared on blogs and internet forums, mostly by Katie Jay herself. Continue Reading →

Online Event: “ineradicable voices: narratives toward rerooting”

Based on oral history interviews with individuals who experienced transracial and/or intercountry adoption, 17 persons collaborated to create a special Zoom edition performance that carried the ethics at the heart of the process. Continue Reading →

Resources: Haiti Adoption. What’s the background? Why is it a big deal with Amy Coney Barrett?

With the nomination of Haiti “orphan” adopter Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court, Haiti and Haitian orphans are back in the news–hot and sweaty with adoption mythology, white saviorism, and lots of political and religious bashing. If you are not adopted, the subject may not be important to you. If you are adopted, it is. Continue Reading →

Adoption Advice from Pat Robertson: Promotes family destruction; international adoptees are “weird;” and more

oday RIghtwing.Watch posted Robertson’s latest advice on adoption during his regular 700 Club Q&A session. You never know what the dottering old fool will say: AIDS comes from towels; let’s nuke the State Department;  let’s assassinate Hugo Chavez; feminists are socialists who practice witchcraft and kill their husbands and children; Hait’s shitty economy is the fault of the devil. So today he advised a young unmarried Christian couple, who seem to be perfectly, or at least passably happy, break up and ship the baby off to an adoption agency. For everybody’s own good.  Poor people shouldn’t have babies. Continue Reading →

CHIFF: Voices for Vietnam Adoption Integrity Opposes CHIFF. Read the statement!

Today, Christina from VVVAI published an amazing statement from the group: Why We Oppose CHIFF: A Misguided Bill With Misaligned Priorities. The statement lays out everything that is wrong with this horrendous adoption industry-driven attempt to circumvent the Hague and other international adoption safeguards and send separate thousands of children from their families, homes, and culture. It is most appropriate that this statement comes from those that CHIFFters claim to serve: international adoptive parents and potential international adopters. Continue Reading →

Top Ten Reasons to Oppose CHIFF

Distribute Freely!—Mo Flatley and the #stopchiff working group -working to make adoption better and safer for kids and families, both birth and adoptive

Reason #10 #stop chiff While adoptive parents may wait birth parents search for abducted kids

Reason #9 to #stopchiff The bill does nothing to address rehoming, a serious problem that puts kids at risk.

Reason #8 to #stopchiff Real adoption experts know #chiff won’t solve real problems in adoption.
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“Making Interstate Adoption Easier.” Jeff Katz takes down CHIFF w/Bastardette commentary

CHIFF and its propagandists have refused to come up with an explanation (even a bad one) that would explain how international adoption, which they constantly claim to be humanitarian missions to rescue warehoused kids, cleans up the fostercare-adoption mess stateside that warehouses kids. In fact,CHIFFsters scrupulously avoid the issue outside of a vague, “every child deserves a family;” thus, unabashedly tossing American foster children into the dumpster while simultaneously scheming to scoop up allegedly unattached Third World “orphans” to drop behind our white picket fence. Continue Reading →

Azerbaijan Shuts Down Cross Country Adoption; CHIFF weeps

Jay complains that since 2007 when Azerbaijan signed on to The Hague. that the flow of Azeri children into the US has dropped, accusing the State Department of having “no idea how to use the Convention for its intended purpose, which is to get orphans into adoptive families.”


According to the The English language AzeriNews, the State Department and Azerbaijan, are using the Hague exactly as it is supposed to be used by keeping children in their own family, culture and country whenever possible. Azeri children are only available for cross country adoption if an Azeri adoptive family cannot be found to adopt them. Continue Reading →

CHIFF propagandist claims international adoption is a “choice” for Third World mothers; consumerizes women and children. Those who oppose are racist.

There is nothing more entertainingly absurd than watching privileged white women (and men) claiming to speak for Women of Color both here and abroad.But, after all, you’re already claiming to speak for bastards and birthers–that is, adoptees and their first parents.

And then to move “socialism” on to the discourse! Oh dear!

US adoption practice is an amalgamation of the worst aspects of capitalism and socialism, I can think of nothing more “socialistic” and “capitalistic” than marauding one’s way into a have-not country, extracting that country’s children” and then redistributing them to elite worthies in have countries in exchange for a lot of money and profit. No doubt Trotsky and JP Morgan are clapping their hands in hell watching this play out. Continue Reading →

Stop CHIFF: A short introductory essay on the plan to drop-box the world’s children into American exburbia

The bill is backed by the adoption industry, the evangelical orphan movement, and other “stakeholders” pushing to increase US adoption agency presence around the world, especially in Third World countries. IOW, getting the state to fund and pimp private industry to other countries’ poor. CHIFF promotes kinship dissolution, closing group homes and orphanages (such as operated by UNICEF and Childrens Village), and false humanitarianism to make international adoption “easier” for America’s desperate and childless. CHIFF shills reject all attempts of input by adoptees, first parents, and others actually impacted by CHIFF. The so-called angry, maladjusted and ungrateful. One pusher refers to anti-CHIFFERS as “socialists” though I can’t think of anything more socialist than white elites Continue Reading →