2 Short Questions: Memes and Matt Walsh

OK., I’m in a jam tonight. I can’t think of anything to write about that won’t take a lot of time and research, which I don’t feel like doing.  So here’s a couple of short, unrelated observations/questions.. ,

What in the world does this meme mean?

It was posted on Twitter today, and several people are stumped. Children don’t have a
choice.” It’s not like foster care is considered Big Love. or a trip to Spain’s Gold Coast.

Moving on to rightwing jerkoff Matt Walsh.

Walsh starts out with a couple of lines on how PAPs have no right to adopt. Children are not commodities. But then his main theme (which he has harped on for years) comes out. Adoption by LBGTQ folks and single women (nothing about single men) should be illegal because children need a mother and father. So, he can’t make up his mind. Kids need two binary adoptive parents, but no one has a right to adopt. This leads to the question: should single bio parenthood be illegal, too? What about queer hetero-normative marriage that produces bio children?

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