NAM/NAAM Day 19: National Adoption Day 2023 Redux: Cognitive Dissonance

I don’t plan to say any more about National Adoption Day 2023, except to share this NAD quote from Bekki Krul, Adoption Specialist, Legacy Adoption Services, Troy, Michigan.

You don’t have to be rich or married or you don’t even have to have a house as long as you have a safe place and you have love in your heart for kids. You’re welcome here.

How insulting!

Krul’s quote is the opposite of what the American Adoption Industry and its partners, subsidiaries,  propagandizers, and church folk tell at-risk parents–overwhelmingly pregnant women and young mothers–to move their child into the industry spammer and corporate bank accounts.  One of the more shocking things– though I shouldn’t have been shocked–happened a few years ago when I listened to agency-talk at a conference about trolling jails and homeless shelters for fresh product.  And let’s not forget the role of state “family service” agencies in child removal and family separation. (See anything written by Dorothy Roberts.)

Lack of immediate finances, education, shelter, family ties, unstable relationships, public or private services, and support are all “good reasons” for you to “give your child a better life with strangers.”

It’s all about sex and money obsession. illicit sex creates illicit baybees and illicit mothers both of whom need scrubbed clean through immaculate adoption. That’s what they say.  There is nothing that pisses off women who were manipulated into “surrendering” their child more than the kind of talk Krul spouted: “You don’t have to be rich or married…” (Years ago I knew a bio mom who several times was asked to financially bail out the adoptive parents of her son once she got on her feet. She refused.)

To be fair, Legacy does not do infant or international adoption and specializes in the adoption of children from the state foster care system, but that hardly gets them off the hook.



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