Donald Trump’s Adoption Fuck You: NAAM2019 Proclamation v LBGTQ Rights

Despite Trump’s unicorn ride, the following day, November 1, just in time to kick off NAAM2019 , the Trump Department of Health and Human Services announced its intention to implement a new rule that would strip Obama-era protections for LBGTQ individuals. and couples regarding access to social services. The new rule would allow recipients of HHS grants ,including faith-based adoption agencies and foster care Continue Reading →

Patron Saint of Ungrateful Adoptees: William of Rochester. It’s always about them!

Cockermay Doucri, has fallen into the memory hole ,and his fate is unknown. Clearly he was not interested in religious tourism, baking for the poor, or a no/low pay apprenticeship. Perhaps abuse was involved.  Perhaps he was just not a nice person. He does, however, live on as the spirit of the crazy ax-killer adoptee, making him the Parton Saint of Ungrateful Adoptees.  Happy NAAM2019 Dave! Continue Reading →

Two More Angels Lose Their Wings: Angels in Adoption winners charged with child abuse

It’s getting to be a habit. Two more Angels in Adoption winners have fallen to earth with a big thud and are currently sitting in a well-deserved slammer.

Fox29 in Kansas City reports that Topeka City Councilman Jonathan Robert Schumm, 34, and his wife Allison Nicole Schumm, 32, were arrested last Thursday (Thanksgiving) and charged child abuse and aggravated battery. Continue Reading →