NAM/NAAM Day 21: Huge Increase in Foster Care Numbers Since Dobbs

Repro Rights NOW reports on a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association indicating restricted abortion access is correlated to an 11% increase in the US foster care system:

The authors said that this trend was mainly attributable to housing inadequacy, and the consequences were particularly significant for Black children and children in racial and ethnic minority groups.

According to the article, the results also suggest that the link between abortion access and DCF involvement is primarily through economic consequences, further echoed by the fact that women seeking an abortion are, on average, more likely to be living below the federal poverty level.

While the study doesn’t concern adoption numbers, this increase shouldn’t surprise any of us involved in adoptee rights and adoption reform. “Economics” hefts up foster care and adoption, and I’ve seen nothing to suggest that anti-aborts and adoption fetishizers have any interest in fixing that disaster. That would be Marxist or some other bullshit. Make no mistake. Adoption numbers will rise–one of the reasons we must get as much of our legislation passed as we can now.

I highly recommend Repro Rights NOW. Cody McDevitt sends out content several times a week that includes secondary source research with lots of links, and interviews. on reproductive rights and related issues. The archives are full of good stuff. A few months ago, he did a nice job covering my work on Stop Safe Haven Baby Boxes

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