NAM/NAAM Day 27: Fun at Safe Haven Baby Boxes

At least once a week, someone posts a question to the Safe Haven Baby Box FB page asking about the process by which a Box Baby is adopted. It’s happened once again, and this is the answer.

As with all Safe surrenders, the infant will be medically evaluated and then either placed in the custody of the Department of Children Services or depending on the state, placed with a private adoption agency. Unfortunately we don’t have any control over the adoption process. We recommend that you contact your state’s Department of Children Services and they should be able to give you more info! Hope this helps.

Note the emphasis.

I have no idea why SHBB Inc implies that it should have the privilege to disperse these infants only to those who hold the Safe Haven Baby Box Inc Seal of Approval. The organization is not a state child welfare agency nor a licensed child-placing agency. It is not staffed by social workers or childcare professionals. Importantly, no traditional Safe Haven advocacy organization has the right to child placement, has never asked for it, or wants it. SHBB Inc is simply a kitchen-table adoption- ixated outfit that has managed, with no science-backed evidence,that their boxes have saved one at-risk newborn, to rook a little over $1 million (latest IRS Form 990) from well-intentioned individuals, non-profits, churches, foundations, and politicians. It has never given a litter box dropping about adoptee rights.

Tumbler Tuesday is more fun than rolling on the bed. Those baby box people ae so silly!.,In love and solidarity, Angelika, The Personal Assistant Cat.

Originally published Stop Safe Haven Baby Boxes Now!, November 27, 2023



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