NAM./NAAM Day 30: The Wicked Witch is Dead Redux

Well, it’s over!

National Adoption (Awareness) Month has done gone and died. I don’t and won’t miss it. Writing every day about adoption is almost as draggy as being adopted. I didn’t run out of topics, exactly, but I nearly ran out of steam. Connectivity problems and the habit of WordPress to nuke what I was writing and wipe the screen and memory clean,  even though I’d saved my genius work a dozen times, didn’t help;  and reconstruction backed me up substantially.  I’ve got some half-written blogs I will revisit at some point. Nothing timely.

I may travel in the wrong circles but outside of a few fundie and rightwing cranks on Twitter, I didn’t see quite the mad rush to slobber over adoption this time around. 10 years ago it was near impossible to not sink in the muck.

I hope this is a sign that Class Bastard is being treated with more respect than in the past, but I won’t count on it. Christian Nationalists, Christo-fascists, Southern Baptist bullies, baby-entitled simpletons, and forced birthers want to march us back in their fetid closet gagged and hobbled, so remain aware.

I’ve neglected the Daily Bastadette this year, writing much more on other blogs, and plan to write more on here in 2024. Some not about adoption, which is just too too too boring. My adoption story is extremely boring, except for my bio dad knowing Chairman Mao. I  dunno

With the passing of Shane McGowan I want to write about my evening with him at the Varsity Club at Ohio State. Or how about living in a communal flat St. Petersburg and the awful neighbors we shared the bathroom with who boiled strange smelly plants in the bathtub? I have a Substack, but haven’t used it. It seems like too much work to keep up. And who would read it?

A lot of good work was done this dreaded and dreadful month–now I’ll have time to sit down and read or watch other people’s work t at my leisure. You wouldn’t believe how long it takes to write each blog. I also need to go through the daily writing of my Cheer Pepper colleagues who wrote every day for NaNoPoblano, and weren’t stuck with writing on one subject.

So thank you Bastards, friends, and comrades for reading and supporting us this month.

Until next year…by all means necessary.




(No, it will never be X!)

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