Welcome to Legislation 2022 Hell!

Dear Bastards and Friends: Happy New Year! Welcome to Bastard Nation Legislation 2022 Hell! The Bastard Nation Legislation 2022 page is now up. The political outlook hasn’t changed much from 2021. Granted, Connecticut did free up its OBCs and Massachusetts continued to move forward on its lumbering road to victory, but other than that, 2021 was a disappointing, frustrating, dreary year. Arizona went weird, Maryland zilched, and deformers continued to stumble their baby booties through their own muck. Safe Haven Baby Box bills and Baby Boxes continued to flare up like herpes under the banner of “women demand anonymity,” the feel-good alternative for politicians who cringe over “adoptees demand rights.” Even more dismal, legislatures, blaming Covid, made discovering how to submit written testimony or to present remote or in-person an often unsuccessful endurance test. Bastard Nation, of course, continues our battle. Many state legislatures have yet to open. So far, though, we have several carry-over bills from last year. Most important of those is Massachusetts.HB2394. The bill passed the House last year and now is ensconced in the Senate, where it allegedly has no detractors, We’ll see. The bill is only two sentences long, so lawmakers can’t complain that they Continue Reading →

Arizona Under the Bridge

The bills from the beginning were pimped by the fake adoptee advocacy group Arizona Heritage (HA!)  headed by adoptee-not-born-in Arizona-no-skin-in-the-game Britany Luna, MSW. The group went silent in public after the fix was in. Its Facebook page is now private, secret, or dead. Even more interesting the HA website hasn’t hype-hype horrayed their “victory!” The politically influential right-wing anti-abortion (and anti-queer) “traditional family values” crowd at the Center for Arizona Policy (CAP)  joined them in their adopteephobic scheme. CAP is funded in large part by the  National Christian Charitable Foundation, an organization funded with money from Hobby Lobby. Continue Reading →

My Personal Letter to CT. Governor Ned Lamont: Please sign HB 6105

I am pretty sure that none of them would be happy that the Connecticut they founded and codified in the Fundamental Order of 1639 currently denies some of its citizens the right to their own public records, their histories, and identities. Continue Reading →