Ohio Sub 307–catching up

hairi pullingI want to try to catch up on blogging in the next few days.  Winter has been a nightmare.  No heat for several weeks, including the sub-zero new y

ear, burst pipes, and a major cutback in work hours. All-in-all, not much inspiration to write.  Things are evening out now, .even back to work, so I’m feeling more literate. Unfortunately, the work can be physically demanding, such as Monday, when I worked 8 1/2 hours in a particularly obnoxious misogynous store inventorying their made-in-third-word countries-by-slave-labor goods.

There is so much to write about.  In particular, I plan to pick up on Ohio HB 307–now  a Sub–Ohio Right to Life’s attempt to make adoption in the state cheaper and faster for the lower middle class while supposedly lowering the abortion rate–but with no explanation of how kicking putative fathers to the curb will accomplish this.

The sub bill is no better– creating two tiers of putative fathers and very possible Ohio constitutional issues regarding  the separation of powers  as the legislature attempts to write court rules.

I have copies of Sub 307 testimony which I’ll scan and post later this week.  As usual, the  “entertaining” read that  only self-serving adoption and anti-abortion racketeers can give us.  NancyAmge;-in-Adoption Burley, from Adoption Circle, in particular has carved out a neat niche in the Ohio Adoption Hall of Shame..  I’m not sure what is more important for her:  making adoption cheaper and faster or bragging about her credentials.

Sub HB 307 is expected to be voted out of committee today  and sent to the House for a full vote. I planned to attend the hearing, but had to work out of town last night, and was just too tired to get up early., The bill goes to the Senate next, so there is still a chance to stop this unneeded, ridiculous bill. The Ohio Judicial Conference (judges who actually know and use the law) and the Capital University National Center for Adoption Law and Policy oppose large parts of the bill so there is hope.,

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