Ohio: Rep Buchy appears to be unaware of…Or, everything that’s wrong with ORTL’s “adoption reform” scam


Ohio Right to Life/adoption industry shill Jim Buchy

Wednesday, the Ohio Senate passed Sub SB250, (analysis; fiscal note)  the latest version of Ohio Right to Life’s “adoption reform” bill. The similar HB307 (analysis), sponsored by Rep Jim Buchy, passed the House earlier, but has been consolidated into Sub SB250 sponsored by Senators Shannon Jones and Frank LaRose. The bills are six of one and half dozen of the other.Both bills gut first parent rights, the Ohio Putative Father Registry, and throw a $10,000 tax credit to adopters. (be sure to read the fiscal note!)  Both bills are about harvesting newborns for fat cat adoption agencies. Neither address critical adoption issues in the state such as fostercare and re-homing.

I’ve written about these bills for more than a year, the latest on Dec 4.  I’m working on an update now, but wanted to get this out right away.


On the same day Sub SB250 passed the committee and Senate floor votes, The Sidney (Ohio) Daily News  published, Adoption reform continues to move through legislature  an op-ed by Rep. Buchy.  pimping  bragging up HB 307. The pierce went  to press before  HB307 and Sub SB250 were consolidated and passed, but the particulars, with the exception of the pre-birth relinquishment cut, are almost the same.

Here’s a couple relevant parts of Buchy’s legislative baby roundup with my quick comments below them.

Ohio law affords the father of any newborn child the opportunity to come forward and protest the adoption in the case that he wants to retain custody of his child. Under the current structure, adoptive parents can go through the entire adoption process before the clock runs out on the biological father’s decision to retain custody of the child, preventing the adoption to go through…

….Research has indicated that children who grow up in a two-parent household are much more likely to become productive members of society rather than a drain on social systems. And second, as an ardent supporter of the pro-life movement, the more adoptive parents that we can encourage with incentives, the more mothers with unwanted pregnancies we can help carry their babies to full-term, knowing that there is a loving home waiting for their children.

babies beer campSince he asked for it,  I’m personalizing my comments  here to Rep Buchy, but they are dedicated to every state representative and senator who support this nonsense and clearly know nothing about adoption, its procedures and consequences, except what is fed to them by their anti-abort masters, adoption industry,and the national Adoption Awareness Month. .No flip the script for them!

(1)  Rep Buchy appears to be unaware of how the Putative Father Registry works–that is, if men and their lawyers even know it exists and can find it..

(2) Rep Buchy  appears to be unaware that “notice” does not equate  the absolute right of an unmarried father to parent his own child.

(3)  Rep Buchy appears to be unaware that once notice is received the putative father is forced to retain a lawyer and navigate, in a very short amount of time, a dozen hoops tossed at him by the legislature and courts to grasp that right successfully.

(4) Rep Buchy seems unaware that adoption agencies routinely advise pregnant women considering adoption to refuse the name the father so the adoption will commence without his interference.Sometimes agencies even ship their pregnant clients to other states, especially  to adoption mills in Utah, or even out of the country to avoid him.

(5)  Rep Buchy appears to be unaware that if an adoption is done legally and ethically adoptive parents need not be forced to wait  flop-sweatedly -for the clock to run out on Dad.

(6)) Rep Buichy appears to be unaware that today a good number of adoptions are granted to single women. Apparently, newborns who go to them  do just fine, despite his contention that unmarried bio moms and their babies are a drain on society and the kid will turn out no good without a father in the house.. Perhaps this is because bio moms participated in messy sex with non-husbands. Adoptive single moms are unsullied virgins holding  executive positions.

(7)  Rep Buchy appears to be unaware that the line to adopt newborns in Ohio is 10 deep and a mile long.  No newborn is going to linger and languish in state or private fostercare. They are scooped up like popcorn at his local multiplex–unlike older and special needs children in the foster system..

(8)  Rep Buchy appears to be unaware of the whopping amount of tax revenue the state expects to lose on adoption  tax credits–and the funds from other state projects,including libraries–that will be moved from Peter to pay Paul

(9)  Rep Buchy appears unaware of why women (and men) choose adoption for their offspring as he is is over why women seek abortions. Have any of us ever known a first parent gushing over the tax credit for her paps, or who equates large tax credits with a “loving family” environment or who cancels an appointment at the clinic so a stranger can file for a tax credit.?

(10) Rep Buchy appears to be unaware that when tax credits are granted, the cost of adoption jacks up.

BONUS:  Rep Buchy appears to be unaware that it’s not nice to treat stakeholders–adoptees and first parents–who will be gravely affected by his legislation as if they don’t existor don’t matter. Same goes for ORTL. . Adoption is NOT about loading up the bank accounts of adoption agencies and their professional procurers..


phoneYou can post comments about HB307 and Sub SB250 on the Sidney site linked above. .

You can also take Rep Buchy’s legislative survey here and include  your comments on the bill.

I’ve done both with a rather general statement, but I may return to add each  of my “unaware”  comments separately. Join the fun. .

Be clear, Sub SB250  has nothing to do with “adoption reform” as we define it, unless that includes making adoption more lucrative (financially or socially) for the adoption industry and Ohio Right to Life. .Sub SB250 is simply a big Christmastime giveaway at taxpayer’s expense, to the adoption industry.

Let’s cram that comment section.


Sub SB307 is scheduled to be voted on in the House Health and Aging Committee on Wednesday, December 17 at 10:30 AM..  Since Thursday is the last day the House can meet, it will go over immediately after committee passage or the next day. This gives us time to act. Call or email committee members. and tell them to VOTE NO on Sub307 and why. Committee contact information is here: Calling  is best

The Ohio Legislature, as far as I can find, has no quick and easy contact list. You can go here, though, for contact information on the entire House,


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